Monday, May 22, 2006

The Rain Finally Stops

And the sun does shine in Michigan! Above is a photo of one of my hanging Petunia baskets. I just love how easy Petunias are to care for & it's just one more way to make things just a little simplier in my life :) I also purchased 3 hanging baskets for my next-door neighbor that lost his wife recently. I hung them on his porch since he wasn't home yet & when his son went out to get the mail, I told him to have his Dad look on his front porch. He couldn't figure out what I was talking about, so I pointed to the hanging baskets. He then came over & gave me a huge hug! A few minutes later, his father came over to thank me & hugged me as well. He said that he hasn't even had time to think about getting baskets yet & I told him that I just wanted to do a little something to brighten his day......and it worked :)

On Saturday, Jim & I bowled in the Frankenmuth Annual Mixed Doubles Tournament at Bay Lanes in Bay City. Usually, we don't bowl very good when we're in tournaments together, but this time, we did :) I bowled games of 184, 201 & 174 for a 559 series & Jim shot games of 200, 214 & 196 for a 610 series. With our handicap, our total is 1433, which put us in first place by 4 pins. Since there's still 2 months left of this tournament, our first place may not hold, but we should still cash. Keep your fingers crossed for us :)

Sophia posted a challenge on 2 Peas this morning about what's on our summer agenda, so I decided to play along:
1. Memorial Day weekend: Jim will be in Texas to bowl in the Nationals Bowling tournament & I'll be going to Pennsylvania for a few days to visit my Mom as she's not doing very good. She had 2 more mini strokes & they also found some aneurysms in her brain :(
2. Jim & I will be going to the Nascar race on Father's Day at MIS.
3. Towards the end of June, Cassie's friend will be spending a week with us & we'll be going to the Nine Inch Nails concert.
4. Cassie's not-so-sweet (haha) 16th birthday is in July, so I'm sure we'll be doing something special for that.
5. In August, Cassie will be spending several weeks with Emma while Jim & I will be taking an east coast road trip, starting in Virginia to visit old friends & working our way up the coast, just stopping wherever we want along the way. Then we'll go to PA to visit Karen & Jimmy's gravesite on the 29th.

That pretty much sums up our summer plans. Great challenge, Sophia :)

Today, Cassie's school dismissed everyone early due to a search from a bomb threat from LAST week! According to the news (depending on which channel you watched) there was a fire last week at a maintenance building & 2 of the students that were suspects had their home searched & apparently, they found some evidence to warrant the search today. And people say that things like this don't happen in small towns......WRONG! It can happen ANYWHERE!

Have a wonderful week,


Emily said...

so glad the sun is finally back!! Good luck with your bowling tournament!!

Carrie said...

Whoa...I hope every thing is okay at the school.
Glad to hear you brightened someone's day too.

Kelley said...

Benita we missed you this weekend. Sounds like it was a good however! Yikes about that bomb stuff-it is a scary world we are raising our kids in-is it not? Love your slide show-great layouts going on there.