Saturday, May 27, 2006

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder???

Not hardly! Absence SUCKS! As I'm writing this entry, my husband Jim is at the airport getting ready to board the plane to head to Corpus Christi, Texas for the USBC Nationals Bowling Tournament. He will be gone until late Tuesday night & now I'm kicking myself in the butt for not going with him! I almost bought a ticket yesterday, but they were 4 times the price of what he paid for his ticket back in January, so we just couldn't see spending that much. I'm a nervous wreck right now because I'm so scared that something's going to happen. I was going to go to PA this weekend, but I woke up throwing up this morning & there's no way I'm about to drive 8+ hours when I feel the way I feel right now. So it looks like I'll just spend the weekend at home with Cassie & Shawn, maybe do some scrapbooking of these recent pics that Jim & I took last night. Plus I still need to plant flowers in my window boxes that Jim & I installed the other day. And if I really get bored & depressed, I'll go shopping.....that always seems to cheer me up :)

I took this picture of Jim coming up the stairs last night & I just love the look on his face :) I love this man with all my heart & don't ever want to imagine my life without him in it!
He is my soul.
He is my rock.
He is my best friend.
He is my heart!

Yesterday, he took off early from work & arrived home with the most gorgeous bouquet of red roses I've ever seen! Can't you almost smell the roses in this photo?

I made him hold the flowers so I could get a picture of him with them since I wasn't downstairs when he brought them home to me, hehe. I'm so glad that he has such a wonderful sense of humor & puts up with me wanting to take pictures all the time :) Have I mentioned lately how much I love this man??? Sorry, I can't tell you what the card says on's personal & very mushy ;)

This photo is a little gushy ;) But you can bet I'm going to scrap it! I guess that's all for now. Please keep Jim in your prayers for me this weekend that he has a safe trip.

Happy Memorial Day,



*Kristal* said...

You are one lucky gal!! Don't worry, everything will be fine. Keep yourself busy :0) I'd love to see those windowboxes, I'm trying to talk Dh into making some for our house. We're trying to fix it up to sell and I really think the wndwbxs wld b 2 cute!!

Kelley said...

Benita Jim is a keeper. I love to see couples who are still so passionate about each other after many years together. That is awesome to witness. I hope your weekend flies by and Jim rocks in his tourny! Hugs.

melissa said...

those flowers are beautiful! you have a wonderful DH and what great pictures of you both :)

ti said...

really sweet photos... such love you have! Awesome!

Jewels by Jewls said...

Well it is Tuesday, I'm praying he had an awesome time this weekend and you were able to settle down :) The weather was wonderfully warm here, I'm sure you got your flowers planted, huh??

Can't wait to hear how he did on the tourney! Let us know!