Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Still Happy With Second

I posted the other day about the bowling tournament that Jim was in & they were undefeated for the first 4 games to go on to the finals on Sunday. It came down to them & another team battling for first place. They had to win the last 2 games against the other team to take first, but only managed to win one, so they ended up finishing second. Still not bad, though.....$1,250 for the team, each person getting $250. Thought I'd post some pics of the happy team (above, left to right: Paul, Brian, Jim (my hubby), Mike & Rich).

Here they are receiving their winnings from Jeff, the owner of the bowling center:
Aren't they cute? :) And yes, that's a no smoking sign above their heads, something you don't see in too many bowling centers, but I'm SO glad that this center is non smoking now! In a few weeks, Jim & I will be bowling together in a Doubles Double Elimination Tournament.....should be a lot of fun!

Today, Cassie is off from school again (Parent/Teacher Conferences), so her & I are going to head out to the mall & just spend the day together.

But first, I wanted to do this challenge that I saw posted on 2 Peas.....we're supposed to list all the things that have only happened to us once in our lives, so here goes:

1. I went to Athens, Greece in 1983 & got a tattoo.
2. I met Rusty Wallace, Kasey Kahne & Tony Stewart once & got their autographs :)
3. I gave birth to one baby boy & one baby girl.
4. So far, I've become a grandma only once.
5. I've only been to San Diego, Chicago, New York City, Mackinac Island, Mexico, the Mall of America & Disney once each.
6. I went to the nighttime Nascar race in Bristol far :)
7. I went to Richmond & Pocono speedways only once.
8. I won concert tickets to see Bon Jovi, which was Jim & I's first real date.
9. Dit 'it' on a submarine once ;)
10. I won the lottery once.....only for $500, though.
11. I owned a mini van once (and only once!).
12. I got picked for a meet & greet for Linkin Park & got to meet the whole band & get their autographs.
13. I skinny dipped....once & only once.
14. I met my true soulmate once & I've been married to him for 16+ years now :)
15. I've only had one major operation so far.....a hysterectomy in 2000.

That's all I can think of right now, but if I happen to think of more, I'll add them later on.

Off to the mall.....have a great day!


Heather said...

OK...I had to LOL at the submarine comment!!! ;) ~Heather

Lorrie said...

Congrats on the bowling tournament! Your list was funny! You've done a lot more than I've done. Although, I did get a tatoo 10 years ago, when I turned 30. But, it wasn't in Greece.....

Jewels by Jewls said...

Congrats to Jim on the win! I heard the house was smoke free, pretty awesome, wish they all would be!

LOVE the list, and I too laughed about the submarine.

Hope you and Cassie had fun shopping!