Monday, March 20, 2006

Sights & Smells of Spring

It's is the first day of Spring :) And above is my first glimpse of the Crocus (buried beneath the old fall leaves that we never got a chance to rake up because Winter arrived too fast!). It's still a little cold here in Michigan, but just knowing that warmer temps are right around the corner & seeing the sun shine brightly is all the proof I need right now that Spring is here. Yeah, I know.....this is Michigan & there's always that chance of a Spring snow storm, just like last year when we got a foot in mid-April. But I'm not gonna let that ruin my Spring spirit! Today is a gorgeous day & I'm gonna enjoy it!

Every year on St. Patty's Day, Jim has to have his Corned Beef & Cabbage & this year was no different, except we invited some friends over on Friday to join us. I put it in my new Kasey Kahne crock pot :) at 8:00am & just let it cook all day, adding the cabbage 2 hours before it was done. I also made Mashed Potatoes, homemade Mac & Cheese, Biscuits (okay, so I cheated with them & just popped them out of a can) & an Oreo Cream Pie for dessert. I guess it was a hit because we didn't have many left-overs.

On Thursday, our new family room furniture arrived. I wasn't sure if I even liked it when they delivered it.....I guess it was just because it was such a change from what we used to have (a dark navy blue sectional) & I was afraid I wasn't going to like this sagey-green (Celedon) color once it got here. But now it's really grown on me & I just love it! I can't believe how much it brightens up the plum colored walls, too! Even this furniture is putting me in a Spring mood :) It's hard to tell in the photo, but there's also a purple chaise underneath the window.....I've wanted a chaise for a long time & now I finally have one :) We also ordered 2 end tables that match our coffee table & we'll be getting them next week.

Yesterday, Jim & I bowled in a doubles tournament, but didn't do good at all. I hurt my ankle the other day, so I was afraid to even bowl. I ended up just bowling one game & then we got a sub for the next one. I did win $50 in a 50/50 raffle, so the day wasn't a total loss :) Then last night, Jim & I went to see the movie "Failure To Launch" & we both really enjoyed it. I read some bad reviews about it, but we thought it was hilarious! I love Sarah Jessica Parker, so I was happy to see her in a movie since Sex & The City ended.

That's all for to enjoy the sunshine. May God bless you with a beautiful Spring day!



BonnieRose said...

ohh I love your cream colored furniture.. it looks so rich.. your living room looks like it belongs on a mag page somewhere!
lovin it!

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

YOu just made me HUNGRY!!!!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

gotta love those cute little crocus as they pop up! =)

Kim said...

Love the new furniture. I just got some new stuff too on Sunday. I am loving having something different! The crockpot is cool. You must be so excited since he won the race on Monday!

Life in a beetle said...

I have to say that you are not the only one with a Race car crock pot! I have a Tony Stewart one and I love to cook in it, It makes me feel sort of like a rebel ha
and I enjoy seeing your Blog, how is your 21 days to a better you coming along?
Lee Ann in Ky