Friday, October 21, 2005

Primas, Mom, Shopping & Bowling

A few months ago, I decided to host a Prima Flower swap on the AOL message boards. After an overwhelming response for the first group, I decided to open a second group, thinking that would give everyone a chance to get in that wanted in. Well, 3 groups later, here is a picture of the results. Bag after bag after bag of these adorable little flowers spread all over my living room floor :) I spent most of yesterday & this morning sorting, separating, counting & packaging up all these flowers & this afternoon (after a much-needed nap), they will be postal & headed back home to the participants. I'll admit, this swap brought a few headaches with it, but I'm glad that I hosted it. It gives everyone that participated a chance to get all the different colors & sizes of Primas without buying all the jars of them (like I do, lol).

On a sadder note, my Mom was admitted back into the hospital again on Wednesday, the day after she was discharged. I knew that she wasn't ready to go home yet, but she wanted to give it a try. Linda called me on Wednesday & said that Mom called her at 1:00 a.m. Wednesday morning because she couldn't get up from her computer chair. So Linda had her son-in-law drive up there to help her. Then on Wednesday, she got sick again & they had to have an ambulance come & take her back to the hospital. Today, she is being moved into a nursing home for a few weeks & she's pretty depressed about that :( She really wanted to go home, but she's just not ready.

Yesterday, I went shopping & bought this really cool wood tray at Linens & Things for my living room. The bottom actually comes out of it so that you can add pictures, etc. to it. I'm definitely going to alter it, but I'm not sure how just yet. Maybe I'll just do a layout to fit inside of it. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect candlesticks to put on it, but no luck yet. I also bought this cool suitcase/lunchbox (at least it looks more like a lunchbox than a suitcase to me). I'm definitely going to alter that, too.....right now, it has a Paris theme on it, but I think I can do something better to it. No, I know I can :)

Tonight is bowling night.....I just hope I can bowl better than I did on Tuesday . Why I ever decided to get new bowling shoes & a new bowling ball at the same time is beyond me! Not fun trying to break in 2 things at once! Plus I'm trying to hold my ball differently after having lessons last weekend.

Off to take that nap so hopefully it'll help with my bowling tonight. Until I blog again,


chris said...

drooling over your ribbon collection and that huge pile of Primas!

i hope you post a pic of your altered tray - always love it when people find fun new stuff to alter

take care and have a good weekend!

Amy B. said...

so sorry about your mom. I don't know if it will help, but my dh is a PTA at a nursing home (has been for 8 years now.) They see so many patients come in and stay and then go home. the time they spend in the nursing home is very good for them physically. They get therapy every day from as many therapists as they need to get themselves back physically where they need to be. And then they go home! I remember as a child how nursing homes were where you went to die. Now they are more often where you go to get better. good luck!

Becky (mommaduck) said...

Wow look at all those Primas! You are one sweet woman for hosting a swap that big :)

So sorry about your mom. I hope she'll be back home soon.

SageHen said...

Sorry about your mom.