Monday, June 23, 2008

A Very Nice Surprise :)

Sunday morning, I received a phone call from Toni asking me if I could babysit for her as she had to work & couldn't find a sitter. I was more than happy to :) Seeing this little girl just makes me so happy! We took her to Target & let her pick out some toys as an added birthday present since we didn't get her much on her birthday. She walked all around the aisles, several times in fact, until she decided on a Barbie horse & stable. It's so fun to shop for little ones again :)
Here she is, being a complete ham for the camera.
Her shirt says "Princess Parking Only! All Toads will be Towed" Cute, huh?
We also bought her some bubbles, which she had a blast with. But I had a hard time getting any good pictures of her while she was playing with them.....she didn't want her picture taken then. Go figure!
On Saturday, I decided to drive out to The Scrapbook Zone since it's been a few months since I've been there & I picked up some of the newest Basic Grey papers called Euphoria.....they're so much prettier in person! I also got some of the Making Memories new Travel line and these:
Doodlebug Crushed Velvet Flock. Aren't those jars just adorable? I think that's part of what sold me on them :)

Since we didn't make it to the gym at all this weekend, I have a lot of catching up to do this week & already started tonight. I did 10 minutes on the bike & 40 minutes on the elliptical! I didn't plan to go that long, but once I got started, I just kept going & going & going.....I probably could have even gone longer, but it was getting late. I like the elliptical more than the treadmill now :)

The world lost a wonderful person this weekend. Comedian George Carlin passed away on Sunday at the age of 71 from heart failure :( I took Jim to see him a few years ago for his birthday & we never stopped laughing the whole night! He was truly an amazing man & I think he could make anyone laugh. Jim & I will definitely cherish the memories of seeing him in person!
RIP George! You will be missed!

Until next time,


:: gingerkitty :: said...

What a cute cute girl. Thank you for sharing all your goodies. Namaste

Renee said...

She is a doll. And I must get me some flock. Sounds like fun.

Heather said...

What a little darling! Glad you had so much fun with her. Love all your new goodies! I saw those Euphoria papers yesterday at Archiver's but I resisted!
I didn't know that George Carlin died. I really loved him.

Janet, aka JP said...

What adorable pictures! The camera loves her! :-)

Have fun with those new sb goodies! I saw the Passport line recently and love it!

Sue said...

it's too bad that you never have cute photos to use all that new scrapbook paper with!

Jennifer Stewart said...

Your granddaughter is so cute. :) Glad you got to spend some quality time with her.

I wasn't a George Carlin fan, but it's sad that he's gone.

Krissynae said...

1: Keep up your good work on the weight loss.
2: she is too cute. She has an infectious smile.
3: Love those little bottles. I can not wait to use them.

Hev said...

A fabulous day all around for you :)
Glad you had a special day with your cute granddaughter

toners said...

What a cutie! The photos are adorable!

And - great job with the exercise! :)

Stacy said...

She is soooooooooo cute! And so lucky to have a grandma who loves her so much! :-)

Staci Compher said...

of course you would notice the nascar in the background (hee,hee) kasey kahne was Eds fav driver...glad you got a chance to spend some time with your beautiful grand daughter.....I haven't got a chance to see the new basic grey.....but I love the making memories travel line....and you and your have a weakness for anything in a jar....have a great weekend!!