Monday, June 02, 2008

The Birthday Boy

Today we had another birthday to celebrate as Shawn turned 22. 22!!! OMGosh, where has time gone??? I have a 22 year old son! Yep, me! Heck, I still remember when I was 22 like it was yesterday! What the heck? Am I really getting old? Here he is with his chocolate chip cookie cake that we had made in the Pistons colors (although the Pistons blew it). We found out that Shawn went to their last game of the season on Friday.....I told him that's why they lost, because he was there! ;) Happy Birthday, Shawn!
We took Shawn & our granddaughter out to dinner tonight to celebrate his birthday at one of our favorite restaurants, Alibi. It was so nice seeing my grandbaby again :) She wanted to sit on her daddy's lap almost the whole night.
Here's a picture I captured of her outside on the bench....what a ham, lol!
Right now, Jim is watching the Wings/Penguins game (this picture was taken the other day, though). I mentioned before that I put 2 Penguins beanie babies on top of our tv (hey, I'm from Pennsylvania, so I like both teams!) & my very humorous husband thought it would be funny to put an Octopus Beanie Buddy on top of one of the Penguins. MEN!
The poor penguin is so squished! Right now, the game is tied & in OT & I keep hearing Jim cussing at the tv, lol. I have a feeling that this could be a very long night!


Sarah C. said...

Happy birthday to Shawn! Glad you were able to celebrate with him and your granddaughter! :)

Oh, and I think the octopus failed. ;) LOL Think the series will end in game 6 or continue all the way to game 7?

Sue said...

aawww how cute!
I can't believe you have a 22 year old son!

Lynn said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Shawn.

I know how you feel Benita, I've got a 25 year old and dd will be turning 22 in 16 days! I'm getting pretty old. Who knew it would go this quickly? Not me thats for sure.

Kimmie Sue said...

What a cutie pie grand daughter you have! A chocolate chip cookie cake sounds so yummy!!

Norma Kennedy said...

Happy Birthday to ur son- and look how CUTE ur GD is !!!


toners said...

Happy birthday to your son! Sounds like a great night was had by all!!

Gabrielle said...

Happy Birthday Shawn!

We have 3 birthdays this month...June is BUSY for us! :)