Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Exciting Finish To A Boring Race!

As usual, the Nascar race at MIS was pretty boring, until the end, that is. If you're a Nascar fan & you missed the race, here's my recap. Above, my absolute favorite driver, Kasey Kahne :) (Remember to click on each image to enlarge.)
This was something new that MIS did this year.....fireworks after the National Anthem. Nobody was expecting them, but they were really cool.
And they're off! Here they are leaving the pits at the start of the race.
Kasey & Kevin (Jim's favorite driver) side-by-side at the beginning, although they didn't stay side-by-side for very long.....Kasey quickly moved forward & Kevin lagged behind :)
Love this shot of Kasey in front of Jr. :) I just wish it would have stayed that way!
New scoreboard for MIS.....it was really cool! I love how it shows the speeds & how the numbers represent what the actual driver numbers look like!
Kasey in the pits.
Kevin leaving his pit.....you can even see the smoke from his tires.
The finish. On the very last lap, Carpentier (# 10) wrecked & brought out the caution before Jr. & Kasey could get back around the track. If that hadn't happened, Jr. probably wouldn't have made it at full speed as he was running on fumes. But I'm still very happy with 2nd for Kasey :)

All in all, it was a great, although very exhausting, Father's Day. Jim & I are both a little sunburnt (Jim more than me), but we're just glad that the rain held off. I called my Dad several times while we were at the race & one time, I had him listen to the cars go by. He was like "wow, that's loud!" One of these days, I will be taking him to a Nascar race as he's never been to one.

Not much else is new here.....still going to the gym. Yesterday, I attempted to do a Step Class, but failed miserably :( It wasn't because I couldn't keep up, but because the instructor was just moving way too fast, doing some moves that I just couldn't figure out. Unfortunately, our gym doesn't have any 'beginner' classes......most of them are just listed as 'all levels'. But for people that have never done any type of classes, they're hard to follow! Looks like I'll be sticking with the elliptical & treadmill for now.

Till next time,


Lorrie said...

Cool pics Benita. Wish I could get into Nascar...
I use to do the step classes (it's been years though) and I loved them. But it was hard until you knew all the fancy steps. I used to trip all over myself. I'm sure I looked a bit like I was having an epileptic seizure at times. hehe!!

Sandra Collins said...

wonderful photos - NASCAR is the best

:: gingerkitty :: said...

wow how do you sit in those stands?

SenomesDesigns said...

Very cool pictures Benita!! Elena will be excited to see them. One of the guys Justin works with at the station was down in pit row, and got Jr's autograph. We're trying to see if we can get a copy of it for Elena...she's a HUGE fan of his (not sure why though LOL)

Take it easy with the step classes. Maybe you could go to the library and get a beginner one to learn the steps you don't know.

Proud of you for sticking to the gym! I've been walking about 2 miles everyday at Rochester Park, THAT feels GREAT!


Sue said...

great pix!

Sarah C. said...

How cool that you were able to go to a race! I've heard they are really, really loud. :D

Kudos to you for trying the step class. I have no rhythm and stink at that type of class. 2 left feet or something. The only class I've really enjoyed at the gym is the yoga one - nice and slow. ;)

Linda said...

Cool photos, looks like you had a great time!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

friends of ours heading up to that race too! Great pics!