Monday, March 12, 2007

Time Change

I was very happy when we observed Daylight Savings a few weeks early this year! I didn't even mind losing an hour of sleep or having to change the time on my 14 clocks, which doesn't count the stove, microwave or alarm clocks. Those of you that know me know that I have this thing for clocks. And out of the 14 clocks that I own, 7 of them chime on the hour & some on the 1/4 & 1/2 hour. I think they drive Jim nuts sometimes, but he knows how much I love them, so he tolerates them ;)

I just purchased the clock above a few weeks ago when Jim & I went to the bowling tournament in West Branch. It was on the wall in the hotel gift shop & at first, I didn't think it was for sale. But I decided to ask the clerk anyway & I was surprised when she said that it was. She even knocked $10.00 off the price for me because she said it's been hanging there for so long. This clock is huge! And it matches perfectly in my grape kitchen :) I have it hanging above the entry that leads out to the garage.

Another one of my favorite clocks, although they're really all my favorites, lol, is this one pictured here. I purchased it from QVC a few months ago because I love the roses on it & it matches really good in my family room. Can you tell I love purple? :)

I captured this sunrise picture this morning as I was driving Cassie to school. It didn't turn out the best as I had to take it quick since there was a car behind me. I was hoping to take some more pictures of the sunrise on the way home, but one thing I've learned about Michigan sunrises......capture them the instant you see them because before you know it, they're gone! It's now cloudy out & the sun is no where to be found. But I have proof that it was out for a minute :)

Another good thing about the time changing is that the weather was really nice this past weekend & we had temps in the 50's, which helped to melt some of this snow. You can now see grass, although it's brown, in my front yard :) I just hope that this is the last snow we see for a while now! But you never know.....this is Michigan afterall!

Next week, I have to make a trip to Chicago to get Cassie's passport. Why, you ask? Well, once again, I procrastinated & waited too long to get her a passport & at the end of this month, she's going on a trip of a lifetime to France, Switzerland & Germany for 10 days! I don't know who's more or her! LOL Her best friend's high school class is going & they said that Cassie could go along, so we jumped at the chance. As scared as I am having her fly that far away by herself, I know that this will be a wonderful experience for her! I'm letting her take my DRebel with her & told her that she better bring me home a LOT of pictures to scrap :)

And speaking of pictures, Cassie & I just started taking a photography class last Tuesday to learn all about lighting & different effects. I had to give up my bowling for 5 weeks for the class, but it's worth it. And besides, I don't think I could bowl right now if I wanted to......for the past couple of days, I've had some sharp pains & tightness in my right hand. I don't know if it's carpal tunnel or arthritis. Ahhhh......the signs of aging :)

That's it for to upload my scrapbook layouts that I did over the weekend for the Zone design team, then I need to get this room cleaned & that may take all day to do!

Have a great Monday,


Theresa said...

Never saw a purple kitchen before, it looks great! Congrats on your daughter getting to go on such an awesome trip. I think I'd send a cheaper camera though.

Kip said...

Love your clock!!!


toners said...

We have some melting snow just like that here in CO :) It's great!

Your sunrise was beautiful! Enjoy your photography classes. I wish I had someone here who'd go along with me to learn more...

CircesMagic said...

Your grape clock is so cool, it looks like you painted it on the wall, but I just adore your mantel clock, it is gorgeous!!

Lorrie said...

Hi Benita! I love that purple wall and clock girl. what a job changing the time on ALL those clocks.
Cassie is sooo lucky! I'll be praying for her safety, shame you can't go with her! =)

Emily said...

I'd love to take a photography class, where are you taking it?