Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The forecast yesterday: B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!! And I took FULL advantage of the day! After dropping Cassie off at school, I did a little cleaning, then jumped in the shower & hit the road. I had no clue where I even wanted to go.....I just knew I had to get out & enjoy the weather & that's exactly what I did. I left the house around 11:30 a.m. & at that time, it was 64 degrees out! WOOO-HOOO, Baby! Spring IS here, even if just for a day right now :) The reason I say that is because it's supposed to get cold again this weekend with another chance of snow. Welcome to Michigan!

I went to 2 different LSS's & picked up a few things.....some new WeRMemoryKeepers & Around The Block papers, some travel papers & embellishments of France & Germany for Cassie's upcoming trip (for some reason, I can't find anything to do with Switzerland), some more Basic Grey Blush papers & some Basic Grey rub-ons. I have to leave some money for this Friday's Freaky Friday at The Scrapbook Zone :)

Then it was off to Target. I was debating whether or not I wanted to go there, but now I'm glad I did as I hit the Clearance jackpot! I got 2 of the Prima vases at half price, 3 sets of the Making Memories photo cubes, regularly $3.99 on clearance for $1.98, 4 sets of the Making Memories ribbons & one BoHo frame set, all pictured below: After the stop at Target, I had to go to Greene's, an art supply store, to pick up some paper mache paste for Cassie. She wanted the powder kind that you have to mix yourself. As I was driving on the highway, I almost fainted when I saw the temperature now......77!!! Yeah, I know it's dangerous to take a picture while you're driving, but I never took my hand off the wheel. I just propped the camera up on the steering wheel & snapped this picture so I would have proof that it really was that warm in Michigan in March :) And yes, that's how many miles I have on my baby already :( But in my defense, it's made a couple of trips to Traverse City already along with a trip to PA & back & well, I just love driving my car ;)
Last night, Cassie & I had our second photography class & what a great time we had! Since the weather was awesome, we went outside to take some pictures before it got dark. We were taking pictures of shadows & learning how different lighting works with our cameras. Here are some pictures that Cassie took (she's using my DRebel for the class while I'm using my 35mm film Nikon):
Not the best looking thing to take a photo of, but I love how she captured the shadow on the fence!
Here's a photo she took of the shadow of the trees in a puddle of water.
And here is her shadow along with the shadow of a sign & fence on the back of a garage. I took a picture similar to this, but with both of our shadows in it.....once I get the film developed, I'll post it.

After the class, Cassie wanted some ice cream & since it was so nice out, how could I refuse? :) So we headed to Frosty Boy & we both got hot fudge sundaes. Dummy me forgot to take a picture of them before we ate them, but trust me when I say that they were very yummy :)
This morning, I was in the mood to take some more photos, so after I took Cassie to school, I drove by the lake in our neighborhood to capture the steam/fog/mist on the lake.
This one blurred a little, but I still like it :)
And then when I got home, I let the dogs out & decided to snap some pictures of them, too. Onyz wouldn't stand still long enough, so the pictures of her blurred, but I just love this one of Reeses.....the look on his face just screams "LET ME IN!" LOL

Ah well.....guess I better get off the computer & put away all my stuff that I bought yesterday. It's supposed to rain today (figures!), so I'll probably just stay home & clean.

Have a Happy Hump Day,


Maureen said...

You are so lucky to have a Target... we don't have them in Canada and I wish I could get some of those specials I am always seeing my US friends getting!

Cool photos!

toners said...

What a fun day you had :) Make the most of that weather!!

Maureen said...

Sounds like a great day you had yesterday. Its so nice to have warm weather. Love the photos you shared. looks like some good finds at Target too.

Jewels by Jewls said...

Wasn't that weather just the best???? I almost died this morning when I woke up and saw the snow! UGH!!

I LOVE that picture of Reese's! He's such a cute dog!

If you read this, go read the NEW update on my blog...yes this is the second time this week I've posted there!! HEHEHEHE


Lorrie said...

Howdy Benita!
It's been really warm here to. In the 80's even! Tomorrow it's going to be high of 50. But no snow.
I can't believe the cool stuff you got from Target -- my Target doesn't have any Primas stuff!
oh, and how cool you and Cassie taking a photog class together. Sounds like fun!!