Sunday, March 25, 2007

Photos, Photos & More Photos

As promised, here are some of the photos from the photography class along with some more photos of Chicago. The photo above is of an old cart that I saw in a yard & just thought it was neat.
This is the Gazebo in our village.
This mural was painted on the side of a garage. I guess they wanted to bring a little bit of the country to the city :)
This is an old historic Church, built in 1879.
Lights inside Starbucks. I actually got in trouble for trying to take this picture, which is why it's blurry. Some young guy that worked there told me that I wasn't allowed to take any pictures inside. Maybe he thinks we were going to copy them & open up a coffee shop across the street ;) I think he takes his job way too seriously!
This is a gas meter. I bet the meter readers get a chuckle out of this when they see it!

Now onto more Chicago pictures. These were all taken with my cellphone, so they aren't the best quality:
Downtown Chicago.
Cassie liked this building.
Sculpture of some sort. Hopefully if someone from Chicago is reading this, they can tell me what it is.
A building that I thought was cool......wish I could have gotten a better picture of it.
The "L", or at least that's what Jim told me it was.
Just another picture of my odometer that I had to snap as the mileage is my birthdate ;) The trip to Chicago didn't help with keeping my mileage down! LOL
That's it for today. Gotta finish getting Cassie ready to go to Traverse City today & then she leaves from there on Thursday for her trip to Europe.
Have a wonderful Sunday,


toners said...

Benita, these are great! I like all the different perspectives you used :)

FlipFlop Mom said...

i LOVE LOVE the gas meter picture.. that was too cute!!! These pictures are GREAT!!!

Jill said...

Wow! You found some neat stuff! Love the gas meter guy & the barn mural!! The wagon wheels are neat too! Jill

Maureen said...

Great photos. Thanks for sharing

jillconyers said...

Love your photos! Fun perspectives! I desparately want to take a photo class. My preference is IRL and not online.

chris said...

Hi Benita,

So glad that Cassie and you had a great day in Chicago. Did you ever get to an Archiver's?

The sculpture that you took a pic of is a Picasso and for the life of me, I can't remember the name of it. The building was the Thompson Center, named for a former Illinois governor. And, yes, that was an L train you saw. :-)

On a side note, I love Traverse City and didn't realize you were a fan of the city as well...

Chris in Illinois

Sue said...

cool pix.
didn't know that it was illegal to take pix in Starbux. Whatever!
I took one at the bux in Key West. They didn't mind.

Lorrie said...

You are really getting some great shots here. makes me ready to go to the city for some cool shots. Of course, the closest city to me is DC, and it's just a different look... no tall sky scrapers like that. I love city street shots! keep 'em coming girl!!

Jewels by Jewls said...

those were great pictures Benita! I must have missed why Cassie is going to Europe!?!? Did you have to go to Chicago to get her passport expedited? Glad you were able to pick up the same day.

AWESOME about the camera (answering a couple of entries at once). Best Buy is great about their shipping/ordering. I just got a laptop from them, LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Saw you at Michael's the other day, but I was on the phone, when I turned around, you were gone!

Thanks for the kudo's on Justin's job! I have a picture of him at a training session, burning a house on Hamlin in RH. We were driving, my mom snapped the picture so its blurry. I need to add it to my blog.