Friday, February 02, 2007

February So Fast?

I can't believe that it's February already! Wow, where did January go? I actually like February for a lot of reasons:

One, it's a short month & once it's over, I know that Spring isn't far away.

Two, Jim & I met in February.....February 18th, to be exact. This year, we'll be celebrating 18 years of knowing each other.....hard to believe it's been that long already!

Three, my Dads birthday is on the 4th of February. But sadly, the 4th is also the day that Jims Mom passed away :(

Four, Valentine's Day is in February. I'm not a major fan of Valentine's Day, though. I just love all the red & pink everywhere.

Here's a picture of a Ty Beanie Baby Frog that I bought the other day. Isn't he cute? It's not for me, though. I'll be giving it to my Dad because it shares his birthday. Hopefully he'll get a kick out of it :) I also got him a pair of Kasey Kahne floor mats for his car (just like the ones I have in my Charger). I was going to mail his package to him, but it looks like I'll be going home next week (pending the weather) to see my Mom as she hasn't been getting any better. I just talked to my sister Donna in an IM this morning & she talked to Moms doctor yesterday. He said that she has an infection in her bones & the reason why he took her off the blood thinner was because she was bleeding internally. Not good! So now she risks getting blood clots, which also isn't good! The only good thing is that her house finally sold, so now she has the money to pay the nursing home, but it's going to be so hard going home & not really going 'home', if that makes sense.

That's all for now. Hoping to head out to The Scrapbook Zone today for their Freaky Friday sale, although I really don't need anything right now. I just need to get out of the house for a while.

Have a great weekend & GOOOOOO COLTS!!!!!

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