Monday, February 05, 2007

'COLD' Day & Colts WIN!!!

Current Conditions Reported from Pontiac 02/05/2007 8:53 AM EST
Temperature: -4°F -20°C
Conditions: Partly Cloudy
Winds: WSW 10 MPH WSW 16 KPH
Relative Humidity: 71%
Barometer: 30.29 Rising
Visibility: 10.00 Miles 16.09 Kilometers
Feels Like: -20°F n/a

School was cancelled today, but not because of a snow day, but a 'COLD' day! Jim was watching the news last night & told me that Cassie may not have school today. I was like, okay.....why? Well, it seems that most of the schools in the surrounding areas were closed because of the cold. And last night, at 11:29 p.m., our district announced that they would be closed as well. Needless to say, Cassie was quite happy. And I didn't mind either because I got to sleep in :)

Jim is estatic right now that the Indianapolis Colts won the Super Bowl yesterday. YAY COLTS!!! Wooo-hooo! And what a game it was! I'll admit, I was a bit scared when the Bears scored a touchdown within the first few seconds of the game. But the Colts pulled it off & WON! Wish we could go to Indianapolis to celebrate.....that would be so cool! But we'll be going there in July to visit Jims' sister & go to the Brickyard.....can't wait!

Just a quick update today. Going to finish working on my scraproom this morning & then Cassie wants to go to the mall today since she doesn't have school. At least it's not snowing.....yet!

Have a fantastic Monday & stay warm!


EquineSpirit said...

Brrrr...this weather sure stinks! It's in the double digits below zero and they didn't close school here although almost every school around is...LOL!! Hope you're keeping warm! Go COLTS!!

Kim said...

Stay warm! As much as I am homesick for the midwest (Ohio), I don't miss the cold days. Have a fun day off! Yeah Colts! What a game.

Maureen said...

Stay warm. We havw been dealing with very cold temps tooo in Minnesota

Lorrie said...

Wow... I thought it was cold here! You REALLY need to move back this way girl! Keep warm!!!!