Thursday, December 21, 2006

Countdown To Christmas

Wow, it's so hard to believe that Christmas is only 4 days away! FOUR! I'm truly in the Christmas Spirit this year, even though it sure doesn't feel like Christmas because there's no snow on the ground & by the looks of things, we probably won't have a White Christmas this year. I think this will be our first year since we moved to Michigan 9 years ago that we didn't have a White Christmas :( Today it's cloudy, but instead of snow, we're getting rain. Ah least it's not ice like we had a few weeks ago!

I took some more pictures of my Christmas trees & really like the way these ones turned out (click on each picture to get a better view). I'm pretty much done with all my shopping, except I may still try to get Shawn a few more things.....he's just so hard to buy for anymore! Today is present wrapping day. I swear, next year, I'm going to wrap my presents as I buy them! I hate waiting until the last minute to wrap gifts & tell myself every year that I'm not going to do that, but then the days just fly by & before I know it, I'm wrapping all the presents in a rush again. Plus I've been so busy baking cookies, shopping, making fudge, shopping, finishing up the homemade Christmas presents, shopping....well, you get the idea :) The one thing I love is the Christmas radio station on my Sirius satellite radio.....they play some really good songs & that's the only station that's on in my car now.

Here is a picture of my 'angel' tree. I was originally going to put all my collectible ornaments on this tree, but unfortunately, I couldn't find them :( I know that they're in the basement somewhere, but the question is WHERE?! I'll probably find them after Christmas, knowing my luck! So for now, this is my tree in memory of my sister Karen & brother-in-law Jimmy. I may just keep doing it this way, adding a new angel or two each year, as a new tradition.

Here's another picture of our real tree with the flash on. I'm so glad that we decided to put our tree in our family room this's been so nice being able to actually enjoy the tree for a change :)

Two nights in a row (last Tuesday & Wednesday, the 12th & 13th), Jim almost bowled 2 - 300 games! He had the first 9 in a row both nights & then got nervous & blew it. But I was so proud of him! The 10th frame really is the hardest one to overcome when you get that close to a 300 game. He's been bowling REALLY good this year & he loves his new bowling ball. He's had 2 - 700+ series in 2 weeks as well. I, on the other hand, have been bowling like CRAP! I know it's because I'm not bowling as much as I used to.....only every Tuesday & then every other Saturday, but Jim & I are hoping to get on another league in January on Monday nights, so maybe that will bring my average up.

I did something the other day that I never thought I would do......I sold my Cricut Diecut Machine! Yep, you read that right.....sold it! All of it, including 5 extra cartridges. I really wasn't using it like I thought I would.....heck, I only used it less than a handful of times, so I just decided that it wasn't worth keeping. Now the question is, am I going to regret it? I guess only time will tell.

Tonight, Jim, Cassie & I are going to see Monty Python's Spamalot with our friends & their son. Not really sure what to expect as I don't know a whole lot about Monty Python, but it should be fun.

Off to wrap some more presents :)



MichelleLanning said...

What a beautiful tree!!!

Lorrie said...

Hey Benita, so glad to see you blogged today. Love the pics!
I have a wrap as you go rule, but this year I broke my own rule and dh and I spent almost 3 hours on the living room floor wrapping gifts. NEVER AGAIN!
Oh, and wow, your dh is quite the bowler huh? Remind me if you're ever this way NOT to suggest we go bowling... a "good" game for me is if I break 100! Lol. Seriously. I stink. But, hey, I only bowl maybe twice a year anyway. =)

Emily said...

beautiful tree!

Kim said...

The trees are so pretty and festive. Merry Christmas!