Monday, November 06, 2006

Lots Of Pics

As promised, here are some more pictures from the Godsmack concert. Above is the picture that the lady from took. Unfortunately, it's a little blurry :(, but it'll have to do. I'm on the end next to Sully (see, told you he was short!) & Jim's on the opposite end. And yep, I had my arm around Sully ;)

Here's a picture of Jim & I while we were waiting for Godsmack to show up. Jim doesn't like this picture because he needs a haircut badly (which he's getting tomorrow), but I like it & yep, it will be scrapped :)

On Wednesday when I drove up to Traverse City to pick Cassie up, I knew I wanted to stop by the Bay & get some pictures. It was gorgeous out, except for being extremely cold by the Bay & dummy me forgot a coat.

Most of the fall colors were gone, but you can still see them a little in these next 2 pictures. The water was so clear & pretty. If it wouldn't have been so cold out, I might have been tempted to jump in for a swim :)

This picture shows what's left of the colors. Jim & I are already planning on taking a vacation up there next summer because we never realized just how beautiful Traverse City is.

On Sunday, we drove to downtown Detroit as Cassie needed to get a picture of a building for an art project she's doing. I haven't been downtown since the auto show in January, so it was fun just driving around. And of course, we had to take some pictures of Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers :)

I'm still really sad that they didn't win the World Series, but there's always next year. The new stadium is so cool.....I love the bats in the photo above & also how the Tigers have baseballs in their mouths in this photo. One of these days, we need to go see a game at the new stadium. The last time (and only time, for that matter) that I actually saw the Tigers play was back in 1998, I think, when they were still at the old stadium. And the only reason I even went to that game was because they were giving away Beanie Babies ;) Yep, I used to be a HUGE Beanie Baby collector.....still have them all, too (in storage containers in the basement, lol).

Here is Cobo Hall. This is where they hold the Detroit Auto Show every year among other things. Cassie wanted to take a picture of this because she was considering using this picture for her art project, but then changed her mind because she said it would probably be too hard to do all those squares.

And here is the Fox Theater, one of the many landmarks of Detroit. We weren't able to get a picture of Ford Field because there was a Lions game in progress & I didn't even want to attempt to get close to it. But hey, I can say that I was downtown when the Lions actually won a game ;)

Hope you enjoyed my little tour of Michigan :)

A few days ago (okay, so it's actually been over a week.....I'm WAY behind), I was tagged by Lorrie. I'm to list 5 weird things about me or my pets. Hmmm......not so sure I should be mentioning this stuff, but here goes :)

1. I like to dip Potato Chips in my Ice Cream :)

2. I don't eat any meat except for Bacon, but you probably already knew that one if you read my blog enough.

3. I can't stand carbonated drinks, which is why I don't drink any soft drinks at all & I also don't like coffee or tea. I have NesQuik in the morning for breakfast & then the rest of the day, I only drink ice water.

4. I absolutely hate thunderstorms, even moreso now after our house got struck by lightning back in July! Whenever a storm wakes me up in the middle of the night, I immediately wake up Jim & make him go downstairs with me until the storm is over. I finally have a reason to like thunderstorms :)

5. I can't stand nuts in my food, whether it's candy bars, brownies, etc., but I'll eat nuts alone.

6. (Okay, so I thought of another one & had to add it). My kitchen is completely decorated in grapes, but I don't eat grapes. Figure that one out :)

Now, I'm tagging Emily, Kelley, Sue, Carrie, Jewls & anyone else that's reading this :)

Have a great week,



Lorrie said...

Thanks for the tour! lol. Your pictures are great.. I've never been to Michigan... {sigh}, oh and CHIPS IN YOUR ICE CREAM??? lol. Ewww.. hehe.

Julie Ann said...

Oh I love the Fox theater! It's been many many years since I've been.

Sue said...

I love the water pix, although I did shiver just a little bit!!

Jewels by Jewls said...

ROFL! thanks for tagging me again Benita! (I still read your blogs LOL)

ChaCha (for those of you who read my blog) is a new (AWESOME) search engine. It works similar to Google that you yourself can search for items, or you can use a REAL life guide to help you find what you need. The guides are trained where to look for items. If you haven't already, check them out (

Awesome pictures of TC and the city. You've GOT to go to TC in the summertime, Benita. It is absolutely amazing (the water stays cold all the time though - just an FYI) I highly recommend the Tall Ship cruise if you go. Don't go during the Cherry Festival, its a madhouse in TC.

Off to figure out what is weird about me LOL


Cindy Lee said...

great pics! hope you are doing great! hugs, Cindy Lee

dwarren said...

fun pics! have you seen this? it's sully's new book!