Monday, November 27, 2006

Weekend Recap

What a wonderful Thanksgiving/weekend we had! The weather was absolutely the high 50's to around 60 all weekend & Jim & I managed to get a LOT accomplished. Thanksgiving Day, Shawn came over for dinner & it was really nice seeing him. The turkey turned out great, according to Jim & Shawn :) Even though I don't eat turkey, I gotta admit, it did look pretty good (see picture above).

Here's Jim at work, carving the bird. He takes this job very seriously :) And he takes pride in his turkey!

I finally got him to look up & sorta smile :)

Here's Shawn....he just knew that I was going to take some pictures of him :) Hey, that's your scrapbooking mom for ya!

On Friday, Jim & I decided to sleep in a little instead of hitting all the sales & crowds early. But we did manage to go out to The Scrapbook Zone since they were having Freaky Friday. I spent WAY too much there & then we headed to the mall, thinking that it wouldn't be too crowded since it was 1:00 in the afternoon. WRONG! It was packed! After finally finding a parking space, we just walked around & only did a little bit of shopping. I bought some new rugs for our entryways at JC Penney's, a new purse for myself :) & a few gifts for Cassie. Then Jim & I separated so we could do some shopping for each other. After we got home & relaxed for a while, we decided to go to the movies. We went to see Stranger Than Fiction with Will Ferrell. I thought it was really good, but Jim was hoping for it to be more of a comedy, since that's what Will Ferrell is mostly known for.

On Saturday, we decided to rearrange some furniture to get ready for our Christmas Tree. We were originally going to wait another week to go get our tree, but then when we looked at the 10-day forecast for next weekend (it's only supposed to be around 30!), we decided we better get it now instead. After walking around the tree farm for about 45 minutes, we finally decided on this 8 1/2-9 foot Frasier Fir.

Here's Jim hard at work cutting it down.....he'd probably kick my butt if he knew I was posting this picture, but I just couldn't resist :)

And here's the tree in our home. Still not decorated.....I think we're going to start decorating it tonight. At first, we put the tree in the dining room, but then I changed my mind & wanted to move it to the family room so we could see it & enjoy it more. Note to self.....decide where you're going to put the tree BEFORE you put it in the stand & water it! What a mess! We had to tilt the stand to get the tree through the kitchen doorway & needless to say, our kitchen floor took a bath in the process!

Sunday, we drove up to Clare to pick Cassie back up & along the way, Jim & I stopped at Birch Run to do a little shopping there. She had a good time in Traverse City, but Thanksgiving just wasn't the same without her here!

Then this morning, we finally got our thermostat replaced. When our house got struck by lightning back in July, we thought that the thermostat was okay, but it seems that it wasn't. We just installed a very expensive modular furnace last year, so the modular part of the thermostat wasn't working right. The heating guy said that we wouldn't have noticed it not working during the summer since it didn't affect the a/c part of the furnace. I never thought I'd be thrilled by a thermostat before, but let me tell you, this thing is awesome! It's all digital & you actually touch the screen to turn it on & off & to program it. What will they think of next?

Well, that's my recap of the long 4-day weekend. It's nice to get back into my routine again, but at the same time, I'm sad that it went by so fast.

Have a great week,


Robyn said...

Benita, that's a lovely tree! It looks gorgeous in that room, great color combos! :)

Heather said...

What a beautiful tree! It almost makes me want to put up a real one!

Colleen said...

Sounds like a great family weekend! Have fun with your scrap goodies and enjoy decorating the tree!

Lorrie said...

Wow Benita- the tree is gorgeous, can't wait to see it all decorated! And that bird looks perfect! Hope it tasted as good as it looks! And I love the pic of Jim laying on the ground cutting down the tree. I have some funny pics I've posted of dh napping and stuff. he hates when I post stuff like that of him. HAHAHA!

michele said...

your turkey looks amazing!! yum!! stay warm and safe today with all the ice!