Monday, November 13, 2006

Homemade Gifts & Advice Needed

A few months ago, I decided to make these Lazy Susan Caddies as Christmas gifts for my family this year. But first, I had to make one for myself, sort of like a trial run to make sure I could do them. I posted a picture of the purple one I did for our family room a while back & then last week, I made this one, also for myself because I decided that I needed one in my scraproom, too :) I used Junkitz patterned paper so that it would match my altered Ikea drawer chests (also in a previous post). I just LOVE the way this one turned out! On this end, I used Heidi Swapp, Bazzill & Prima Flowers.
View of the other side. Ribbons, chipboard flower, button from Walmart, "Cherish" word from JoAnns.
Close-up of other end. Here I used a couple of flowers that I layered, some Christina Cole Epoxy Stickers, chipboard bookplate, lace ribbon, black rhinestones & a fabric arrow that I cut out myself.
And yet another view. Chipboard alphabet is Bazzill, Rick-Rack is Li'l Davis Designs.
And now I've finally started making the Christmas gift ones :) Here is the one that I'm making for my Dad. It's not completely finished yet.....still have to add more embellishments, but I couldn't wait to post it :) Now, the question is, do I really give it to my Dad, or do I keep it for myself? Hehehe ;) My Dad & I are both HUGE Kasey Kahne fans, so this one is going to be hard to give away! I may just have to make another one like this for myself. Hope my Dad isn't reading my blog :)

Now I'm stuck with a difficult decision about how to make one for my Mom & need some advice. Originally, I had planned making one for her with dogs on it since she loves dogs & always owned at least one. But when she had to go live in a nursing home, she had to give her 2 dogs to a new home (luckily, they both went to the same home together). But this was the hardest thing my Mom has ever had to do! So now I guess I'm second guessing myself about making one with dogs on it because I'm not quite sure how she would react to it. She also loves wolves, but I can't find any scrapbook paper with wolves on it.....anyone know if it even exists? I would love to hear your opinions on this. Do you think it would be hurtful to make one with dogs on it for my Mom? Or should I do something else?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions/advice/help.

Have a great Monday,


BonnieRose said...

your caddies are incredible! so beautiful!
I wudn't make one with dogs on it.. might make her more sad... I wud try and just make it happy and bright!
but that is just me!

mom2mryk8jamelib said...

I'd have to say that I feel the same way. Keep it happy bright and floral. The dogs are a great idea and she'd probably love it at first but then may not want to see it every day after that.

By the the look...excellent gift!!!

Lynn said...

WOW! what a great job on your lazy susans! Question??? Do they spin???? I just love them. They are the perfect gift. I probably wouldn't do the dogs either. I think I would pick something else that she really likes and put that on it instead.

katie said...

Cute projects!! If you get a chance you should upload some stuff on my site Hope to see ya there!

Lorrie said...

Gosh that's a hard one Benita. I tend to think I would forego the dogs this time. My mom's dog is very ill right now, so I'm thinking how she might feel if she just became "petless". Yea, I'd make it with something else.
Oh, but they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Great job girl!

Chiara said...

gorgeous projects and what a great idea.

Scrappersher said...

Use some online wolf pictures and use ModgePodge (Decoupage)to attach to the wood.