Tuesday, October 31, 2006

One AWESOME Night!!!

Last night, Jim & I went to see Godsmack along with Breaking Benjamin in Grand Rapids & what an AWESOME concert it was! This time, we got to meet Godsmack & they are just the coolest people.....so friendly, funny & cute :) And this time, I was able to get some pretty good pictures :)
Meeting the BEST band in the world! Godsmack, baby!!!
Breaking Benjamin Backdrop. I knew some of Breaking Benjamin's songs, but hearing them in concert was wonderful! They're another really good band.
Ben Burnley of Breaking Benjamin - Lead Singer. Ben Burnley again.....love this picture!
Sully of Godsmack.
Tony - Lead Guitar.
Sully again :)
Sully - Up Close & Personal :)
Tony again.
Sully beating away on the Bongos while he was dueling with the drummer.

During the concert, Sully touched my hand twice & I swear, I felt like a kid again! I told Jim that I didn't want to ever wash my hand :) I'm hoping to have a picture soon of us with the band that was taken by the lady from ILuvAllAccess.com where we purchased our tickets from. Once I receive it, you can bet I'll be posting it here as I had my arm around Sully :) Sully told Jim that he had to go to the other side of the group for the picture & then said "You're with your woman enough!" Hehehe :)

The worst part of the concert was getting pushed & squished & hit all night. We were in the front row on the floor which was all standing, so we had people coming over our heads all night long. Then I got hit in the head with a drumstick from the first group, Hour Cast, but at least I got to keep the drumstick :) I also got 3 guitar picks, one from each group which I plan on scrapbooking :)

The drive home was very exhausting.....2 1/2 hours & I just kept praying that we would make it home safely. The scariest part was the deer that came out in front of us, but thank goodness, we didn't hit it!

Tomorrow morning, I have to leave bright & early to drive back up to Traverse City to pick Cassie up as she there for the weekend & for Halloween to spend it with her best friend. So I'll be going to bed early tonight as it's going to be a very long day tomorrow.

Happy Halloween!


melissa said...

WOW sounds like an amazing experience! :)

Lorrie said...

You're so cool and YOUNG! I'm too old for loud concerts like that! ;)
You asked about my watermark.. I do it with Photoshop Elements... do you have that?