Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Favorite Photo(s)

First things first, I'd like to send out a special thank-you to Jen who helped me with my blog banner & as you can see, it's finally back. YAY! Thank-you SO much, Jen! You're a sweetheart! And I'll be mailing out your RAK this week :)

Melissa posted a blog challenge the other day on 2 Peas for us to post our favorite photo & the story behind it. Well, you should know that I can't pick just one photo, so here are just a few of my favorites. You've probably seen most of these at one time or another on my blog or in my scrapbook layouts, though.

Above is my absolute favorite picture of my dh, Jim. I took this picture the night before he left for the Nationals Bowling Tournament in Texas (which he won $54.44 in) & I just love the look in his eyes without his glasses on. He was coming up the stairs & I caught him looking up at me as I snapped this photo :)
Next is my favorite picture of my Mom & I. This picture was taken on Thanksgiving in 2004 at my Mom's house, our first holiday without Karen & Jimmy. Back in January of this year, my Mom had to have her leg amputated & now she resides in a nursing home & will probably never be able to go back to her home. I love my Mom so much & truly miss being able to talk to her everyday like I used to. I can't wait until I go home this month to see her again! Love you, Mom!
This is my favorite picture of Cassie & Jim together & also my all- time favorite scrapbook layout (so far). It's not very often that Cassie lets me take her picture, so when she agreed to this one, I was so pleased with the way it turned out! And isn't her hat cool? Although she doesn't wear it anymore.
Next is my granddaughter. I just love this picture of her & the way she's looking up at her Daddy & has her thumb in her mouth. She looks just like an angel! Unfortunately, I don't get to see her very often, so whenever I do, I'm always snapping picture after picture of her.
Here is a picture I took of a double rainbow from my front porch. There is a very special meaning behind this rainbow as the day I took this picture, I was very depressed thinking about Karen & Jimmy. Right after we got a thunderstorm, I went outside to stand on my front porch & this is what I saw. Absolute beauty! And I definitely believe it was a sign from God that Karen & Jimmy are in Heaven!
This sunset picture is one that Jim actually took. I was sitting in my scrapbook room one day & just happened to look out my window when I saw the most amazing orange sky. I ran downstairs to snap a picture, but just as I went to grab my camera, Jim told me that he had already taken some pictures of the sunset for me. And what a wonderful job he did, too!

There you have it......just a few of my favorite photos. Hope you've enjoyed looking at them.

Now onto another challenge that Carrie posted over on The Scrapbook Zone. We're supposed to list 10 stupid things we did as a kid and/or teenager, so here goes nothing :)

1. Egging people's houses on Halloween & also waxed car windows (not soap, wax, which is much harder to remove!).
2. Got caught shoplifting with my older sisters when I was in 7th grade. I didn't even know what my sisters were doing at the time, but when one of them saw the security guard coming, she handed me her purse, so of course, I got blamed for it, too :( Our Mom grounded us all for a month & I never stole another thing in my life!
3. Threw up in the bed in the middle of the night. Imagine 5 girls in 2 double beds with me stuck in the middle. Needless to say, 2 of my sisters weren't very happy with me when I did that ;)
4. Go-go danced for one night. Not something that I'm overly proud of, but I was a stupid teenager at the time & wanted to make some money.
5. Got engaged when I was 15, stayed engaged my whole junior year & then we broke up during my senior year. Not something I would recommend doing!

Hmmm.....this list is harder than I thought it would be. Mainly, because I honestly don't remember much about my childhood, so I've only come up with 5 things so far. If I happen to think of more, I'll update this post & add them.

Happy Hump Day,



Adrienne said...

What great pics!!! LOVE the sunset and the rainbow!

RN4JCHRIST said...

WOW! Those were some sweet pics Benita!! Tfs! ~Dawn

Cheryl Wray said...

Great post!! Love the pictures (especially of you and your Mom!) and the list. I may have to "lift" those two challenges for my blog.


melissa said...

wonderful pictures of your family, and love the sunset one too! :) thanks for taking the challenge

Lorrie said...

I love the pictures. Funny stories too. I'm not sure I can do that challenge without ruining my good reputation! lol.