Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fortune Cookie

Remember that bowling tournament that I talked about in my last post? After I bowled my highest series ever that Saturday (697), Jim gave me a fortune cookie with this fortune in it. Well.....this is the pay off:
$468.00 BABY!!!
$28.00 was for our team finishing in 6th place, $40.00 was for me finishing in 2nd place for all events with handicap & $400.00 was for 1st place singles handicap :) I just got the check last night & I just keep staring at it, lol. It's gonna be hard to take it to the bank.....but not that hard! I also found out that in June, I will be invited to an award ceremony thing where I will receive a USBC jacket with my 1st place embroidered on it. Heck, now I want the jacket more than the money!
A few weeks ago, Jim & I went to Gibraltor Trade Center & I had these decals made for my for Karen & Jimmy &......
....this one for my Mom......God, I miss her! I'd be lying if I said I was fine, but truth is, I haven't been :( I've just been trying my hardest to hide my pain.....from the internet, my sisters, my husband, my kids.....even myself! I haven't been doing any scrapbooking since my Mom passed away (other than her memorial board & the window that I altered). I just can't motivate myself for some reason. I wish I could! I know that they say 'time heals all wounds', but I guess I just need more time.
In other news, Jim ended up getting another new vehicle. Remember that Journey that we just bought a year ago? Well, we were having nothing but problems with it.....occassionally when you tried to unlock it, the panic alarm would go off instead & keep going off until you unlocked the door with the key & started the engine! The last time it happened, it was 6'oclock in the morning & I don't think our neighbors liked that too much! They also had to replace a cylinder in the engine that wasn't turning right, basically having to tear almost the whole engine apart to do it. Then we were having some issues with the ABS sensor & a wheel bearing went out. So needless to say, it was time to trade it in! Luckily, our sales person gave us an awesome deal on a 2010 Dodge Nitro & they also completely paid the Journey off. Can't beat that!
And I just love the chrome package that came with it. Jim said he could have lived without it, but I think it makes it look sharp. even has a chrome gas cap.
And although the interior doesn't have all the little hidden storage compartments that the Journey had, the seats seem to be more comfortable & I love the way it rides....may not be as smooth as the Journey since it's 4 wheel drive, but I actually missed having that 'truck-like' feel.
Just another touch of chrome.

That's all for now.....I promise it won't be another month until I update my blog again.



Marlene said...

Just found your blog. I'm so sorry for all the pain you've experienced. I see you also lost your sister & BIL a few years ago.

Love the jacket. What a sweet tribute.

Sweet ride!!!!

Congrats on winning your bowling $$$. That's some nice change!

Oh - one more thing - I LOVE the photo in your banner!

Aimeslee said...

Oooh, I know you are very happy about your new little toy with wheels! Your color, too! Doncha love when hubby's car is what you wanted? ROFL! Hey, 697! I am impressed-amundo. That definitely rates a jacket and a big fat check. Congrats, girl, you definitely deserve it! xoxo