Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from my family to yours. I hope your Easter is filled with blessings & lots of joy.
My hubby picked up this beautiful Easter Lily for me the other day. I mentioned to him how we always used to get one for my Mom every year for Easter & he decided to continue the tradition for me. I only wish I was in Pennsylvania to put one on her grave :(
We have been having some AWESOME weather the past several days, temps in the 70's & even in the 80's which has caused some of my flowers to start blooming already. Here are my first flowers of Spring 2010.
And here is one of my Lilacs with buds on it already. Yep, I've been lovin' this weather! Sad part is, I'm afraid it won't continue.....afterall, this IS Michigan! And we've gotten that S word in April & even in May before! Hopefully that won't be the case this year, though.

Our Easter plans are pretty simple.....Church in the morning & then home to a relaxing day of laundry & cooking a ham. Sadly, I won't be seeing my granddaughter or even my son this Easter :( I'm pretty disappointed about that as this will be our first Easter that I haven't spent with either of them, not to mention my first Easter since my Mom passed away. But I'm going to do my best to enjoy the day as much as possible.....and try not to eat too much candy!

Happy Easter,


Jenny Lilac said...

Beautiful flowers! It can be hard to feel festive when you do not have your family with you, but it sounds like you have a thoughtful husband, so I hope you enjoy the day with just him! There are times I'd give almost anything to have a day alone with mine!

Sue said...

Have a beautiful day Benita!

Tracy said...

What a sweet hubby. We haven't had any flowers bloom yet either.
Hope you enjoy your day, and eat lots of chocolate. teehee

Sunshine and Shadows said...

Happy Easter to you!

Sarah C. said...

I hope you had a nice Easter. The Lily is gorgeous - so thoughtful of your husband. And I'm sure your mother knows you are thinking of her and is smiling down on you. ((HUGS))

Linda said...

Your photos are so beautiful! I hope you had a nice Easter. Congrats on your tournament winnings!