Monday, September 29, 2008

The Arrival Of Autumn

We had a 'guest' at our doorstep this morning. We haven't seen any chipmunks all summer long, but then this one appeared. I opened the garage doors as we planned to clean out the garage today & saw this little guy run up our Maple tree. Then he ran back down & went underneath Jim's car & then onto our porch. He just sat there, as still as can be, like he was waiting me to make the first move. Jim ran inside the house to get the camera so I could capture this shot of him. Right after I snapped it, he ran away, but forgot to take his crabapple with him. By the looks of things, he was really enjoying that little apple until I disturbed him :)

We did manage to get the garage cleaned out as well as doing some organizing in the basement, which is where I ended up finding these:
I had completely forgotten about them! I bought them last year at Hobby Lobby on clearance for under a buck each. Aren't they cute? :) We're going to get our first glimpse of Autumn this week as temps are only supposed to be in the 50's for highs starting on Tuesday......BRRRR!!!

I went back to my OB/GYN on Thursday & it seems I have indeed started perimenopause :( He prescribed Premarin for me, but after doing some research on it, I'm not too sure I want to take it! I have a LOT to learn about this topic & plan to research it even further. Right now, I'm taking Andrew Lessmans Women's Wellness & they seem to be working pretty good for my hot flashes, so I'll probably just stick with them for now. If anyone has any experience, suggestions, advice, etc., I would truly appreciate it....feel free to email me. This is all new to me & also a little scary. One of the symptoms to perimenopause is weight gain :( I guess that could explain why I'm having a harder time losing weight lately. But I will NOT give up! Nope, no way, no how!!! I'm going to fight this fat till the end! And I WILL WIN :)

Not much else new has been going on. Got a busy week ahead of me.....tomorrow, our landlord is having someone come over to fix the one garage door. Then on Tuesday, I'll probably be working (they called me already asking me if I could fill in for someone) & then I have bowling Tuesday night, bowling on Wednesday, our Biggest Loser meeting on Thursday, work on Friday & working out in between all of that. Speaking of the gym, tonight I did 3.80 miles in 60 minutes on the treadmill! That's a new record for me :)

Well, I'm off to bed. Hope you have a wonderful week!


emily said...

I'm impressed with your treadmill mileage! Awesome!

Chanel said...

Oh I love chipmunks! Aren't they adorable?! We have mostly squirrels in our area.

I don't have any advice about perimenopause but you just keep chugging along, girl! Don't give up! :o)

And don't you love those out of season sales! That's where I've been buying most of our holiday decorations and it has saved us a lot! Cute scarecrows, btw!

Heather said...

Aww!! He's so cute!

Sue said...

We have more 'munks that we know what to do with. They drive my dog crazy!

Sues said...

Envy the fall weather... it's still warm here! We usually go from summer to winter!! Great job on the treadmill! i can't handle being on it for that long!!! I'm a whimp!!!

Janet said...

Adorable photo of Mr. Chipmunk! I love fall, too. I have yet to put up any decorations. Thanks for the inspiration!