Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Karen

Today, Karen would have been celebrating her 56th birthday. We both always thought it was neat that we were 10 years minus 1 week apart in age. I guess maybe that's what made us so close to each other. Or maybe it was the fact that my Mom said that Karen always watched over me when I was a baby. Or maybe it's just the fact that we truly loved & cared for each other. Anytime I went to Pennsylvania to visit, she would always drive 2 hours to visit me just as she did when this picture was taken.....July 21, 2003.....the last time I saw her alive :(

Cas & I went home for her 13th birthday as I took her to see Linkin Park in concert on her actual birthday in Washington, DC. While we were there, Karen & Jimmy came down to visit & these are the last pictures I have of them.
And here are Karen & Jimmy together:
Donny & Mikey gave me this shirt that Karen has on. I've been debating about turning it into one of those memory bears.....just not sure I want to have it cut up, though.

My doctor's appointment yesterday went pretty good, I think. Hopefully, I'll find out if I am going through menopause in 2 weeks as I have to go back to see him & then we'll go from there regarding treatments & such if needed. I'm not really sure that I want to go on hormone replacement therapy.....I've just heard too many bad things about it, but need to do some more research on it. My doctor thinks I'm still too young to be at this point in my life, so that made me feel good when he said that :) Yep, I love my OB/GYN!

Got a busy weekend ahead.....the usual laundry, go grocery shopping, hitting the gym & tomorrow night, we were invited to a friend's house to play cards. I guess there's going to be about 10-12 of us there, so that should be lots of fun.

Have a wonderful weekend & if you're in Ike's path, stay safe!


Lindelon said...

There is a natural alternative to harmone replacement and it is as simple as putting a dab of cream in the crease of your leg or arm daily.

The real reason I am on your fabulous blog is that I am insearch of the ultimate scraproom. Every thing I have read says you have an OMG! room. I have tried the 2 peas link and it doesn't work. So I have come straight to the source to receive a little inspiration. Do you have another link where I can go gaga over your place?

I do love your blog, it is so honest and lovely and your creativity is amazing.

from Pensacola

Janet said...

{hugs} to you, Benita! Your sister looks like she was such a happy person! I can tell you had a special bond. Hang on to all of those great memories...