Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Scary Sight!

Today, Jim & I went to look at a couple of homes for rent. Afterwards, we decided to drive out to Lakeside Mall so I could find some workout clothes. As we were driving down M-59, this is what we saw:
Thick, black smoke in the sky.....and at this point, we were still about a mile away from it!

We decide to keep driving to find out where it was coming from. Turns out, it was an apartment complex. I happened to have my camera with me since I took some pictures of the houses we looked at.

If you click on the images to enlarge, you can actually see the flames.
The weird part of all of this was it was a year ago this month that I saw the fire at a Coney Island & took pictures of that one, too.
I just hope & pray that no one was hurt or killed in this fire!

There was a young man in the parking lot that apparently lived there. I wanted to go up & give him a hug so badly, but he was surrounded by other people. I just wanted to let him know that you can get through something like this as I have been there myself before.....I lost everything I owned 20 years ago in an apartment fire just like this one!

Now for a really scary picture:
I was debating whether or not I should post this before picture of me (you won't see my side view picture!), but I figured it would be one way to hold myself accountable to keep going to the gym :) I tell ya.....seeing myself, my whole self, in a picture was a HUGE wake-up call! But I'm finally on the right track! And since Jim is doing this with me, I thought I might as well post one of his before pics as well (he doesn't know that I posted his side view picture yet ;):
Friday was our first day at the gym & we spent a little over 2 hours there. 25 minutes on the treadmills, 20 minutes on the recumbent bikes & then the rest of the time on weights. I thought for sure I would wake up sore this morning, but surprisingly, I didn't :) We're going to attempt to go again tomorrow afternoon, but we're not sure how busy it'll be.

Now for a pretty picture:
My Rhododendron in bloom :)

Fire update: We just saw the story on the news about the fire & it seems it started by a gas grill that someone was using on a second story balcony of the apartment building. No one was hurt, so that's great news! But I can't believe that someone would even use a grill on an apartment building balcony! Nuts!

74 words

I saw this on Staci's blog & thought I'd give it a try. I even surprised myself! 74 words per minute!!! I guess taking typing for 4 years in school has paid off :) Give it a try & let me know your typing speed.

I was also tagged by Lida to answer the following questions:

Last music you listened to - Whatever was on the radio station on the way home from the mall.
Last thing you watched on TV - The local news to see about the fire.

Last movie you saw - Hmmm.....good question. I haven't been to a movie in a while & really only watch shows on tv.
Last book you read - Photo Freedom (still reading it).

Last person you spoke to - Jim

Last thing you ate - 3 Nutter Butter cookies (I know, not good for the weightloss, but they ARE good!)

Last time you laughed - Yesterday at the gym (yes, exercising can be fun!).

Last place you visited - The mall.

Last website you visited - Two Peas & my blog.

Last thing you scrapped/crafted - A picture frame for a Breast Cancer Relay Bowling Event, which you can see below:

Click on it for a better view. I used lots & lots of Stickles on it & just highlighted the flowers to make them 'pop'. I was so happy with the way it turned out & so was the person that won it :) Now, I tag: Lorrie, Staci, Jewls, Kim, Cindi & anyone else that wants to play along :)

That's all for now.....have a safe night & give your loved ones an extra hug tonight!



jill said...

Scary photos. When I see a fire (or accident) the first thing I always think is I hope nobody is hurt. I get this sinking feeling in my stomach.

WTG with the gym. The beginning is the hardest and then it becomes a habit.

Kate said...

consider yourself tagged!

1.Last music you listened to -
2.Last thing you watched on TV -

3.Last movie you saw -
4.Last book you read -
5.Last person you spoke to -

6.Last thing you ate -

7.Last time you laughed -

8.Last place you visited -
9.Last website you visited -

10.Last thing you scrapped/crafted -

:>) Kate

toners said...

How frightening. Glad that nobody was hurt though!

Good luck on your journey! That's a road I need to go down's great that your hubby is doing it with you too.

Linda said...

How scary!

Good luck with your workouts! I'm taking the same journey which started after seeing too many full shots of me and wondering what happened to her?

CircesMagic said...

Wow that fire looks scary! I hope no one was hurt.

I think it is great that you and your hubby are teaming up to loose weight it is something hubby and I REALLY need to do. Good Luck your on your journey to a slimmer you, I will be looking for updates and inspiration! :0)

You gave me a new use for my stickles..Thanks!

Any news on the apartment hunting? Hope you find something you really like.

Now I am off to take the typing test.

Pearl Maple said...

It was good of you to stop and wish the best to someone who obviously thought they were having the worst of days and too many challenges to consider.

Congrats & good luck on your own plans.

Staci Compher said...

love that you posted your before pics.....and too..funny that the hubby got the side shot posted!! good inspire me to get on that treadmill!!! looks like i've been tagged off to post...

Aimeslee said...

Girl you should be a reporter, lol.

That's a lovely photo of you! Good luck with the gym, you can do it! Hopefully, better than I would, rofl!

SenomesDesigns said...

WOW on those fire pictures, was that off Van Dyke? (OH! did you find a place to rent?)

Way to go on the gym!! You guys can do it! Our insurance company just started offering $20 off a month if we join a gym, for up to two people in the household. Sure is good incentive!!

Thanks for the tag, off to add it to my site!


Micki said...

Good luck on meeting your goal!!!