Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to 2 of the best Dad's in the world......mine & my husband :) My Dad taught me through the years to be a strong person & how to be yourself. He taught me that money doesn't give you does! He taught me that no matter how rough things get in your life, that there's always going to be a positive side. Up until almost 3 years ago, my Dad & I didn't have the closest relationship in the world, but when we lost Karen & Jimmy, all of that changed! He told me after the funeral, that he lost one daughter, but hopes he gained another one back. I reassured him that he did. Love you, Dad!

Right now, my other favorite father (although he's not my father, lol) is at MIS enjoying the beautiful day with his son waiting for the Nascar race to start. I was supposed to go with him, but with the stomach problems I've been having, I just wasn't feeling good enough to be out in the heat all day. So yesterday, we called Shawn & asked him if he wanted to go to the race. He was so excited & this is exactly what Jim & Shawn need.....a whole day together.....something they haven't done in a very long time!

I was attempting to take some new pictures of Jim & I together the other night & just like usual, Jim was being silly again :) Yep, I love that man! Even with all his silliness. It's his wonderful sense of humor that gets me through each day. Happy Father's Day, Jim.....I hope you have a wonderful time at the race! You deserve it!

Update on me: I went in for a CAT Scan on Friday of my abdomen because they still haven't found out what's wrong.....the ultrasound didn't really show anything, so my doctor ordered the CAT Scan. He should have the results back on Monday. If that doesn't show anything, then it's time for another, fun! I haven't had one of those done since 2000, but I guess the preparation for them is easier nowadays.....I could either take a laxative or pills. I think I'll opt for the pills :)
Happy Father's Day to all the father's in your life. And.......GOOOO KASEY! :) Just had to throw that in there since both my Dad & I are HUGE Kasey Kahne fans, although he's not doing very good this year :(


Jill said...

Happy Father's Day to them!

Lorrie said...

hope they had a happy father's day! Glad you are closer to your dad now... I am a hardcore "daddy's girl". And he'll tell you in a second that I'm his favorite daughter. (and his ONLY one... hehe).