Saturday, January 13, 2007

Goodies Galore & Meaningful Memories

Yesterday, I received my layout back from Scrapbook Trends along with this AWESOME package! When I first sent them my layout to be published, I was under the impression that they just sent you a copy of the magazine that your layout is in as compensation, so I was completely blown away by all the goodies that they sent....not only one, but TWO copies of the magazine, an SEI 2007 Calendar, some Calendar stamps, brads, eyelets & everything else pictured above. Now I need to start submitting with them more :)

The other day, Sophia posted a challenge for us to walk through our home & share photographs of gifts from others, things that speak 'you' in your home. I have several things that are very meaningful to me.....the first one is this clock that belonged to my Mom. Like me, my Mom loves clocks & loves hearing the chimes each hour. When I was home in August, my sisters were going through my Mom's things since the house was going to be sold & originally, Donna was going to take this clock, but she said it was too loud for her, so I asked her if I could have it. Now it's hanging proudly in my family room where I see it & listen to it every single day.

Another item that I will always cherish is this jewelry armoire. It belonged to my sister Karen & when she passed away, I asked her sons if I could buy it. I also have a few pieces of Karen's jewelry inside of it that I don't wear because I'm afraid of losing them. This armoire is in our master bedroom & although it doesn't match our bedroom furniture, I will NEVER part with it! I know I can't bring my sister back, but I can cherish the memories of her forever!

My Mom gave me these pictures a couple of years ago which I now have hanging in my scrapbook room. She had them hanging in her home for years & I remember when I was little, I always wondered who it was in those pictures. It wasn't until several years later that my Mom told me it was ME. Wasn't I a cute baby? :) And believe it or not, I still remember that dog that I'm holding.

This clown statue that my father gave me several years ago for Christmas is yet another meaningful item to me. It had no real meaning, really, other than the fact that it was a gift from my father & one I will always cherish. At the time, my father & I weren't on the best of terms with each other, so the fact that he even gave me a gift was meaningful to me! I proudly display this clown in my scrapbook room where I can look at it everyday.

These next 2 items may not seem like they would be meaningful to anyone else, but to me, they are. When Jim & I first got our granite countertops installed, I wanted a canister set that matched them. I found a set like these on ebay & since Karen sold Tupperware, I asked her if she would be able to get them. They were discontinued, but she searched & searched for me until she found me a set. I told her I was willing to pay whatever it costs for them if she found them & being the generous & loving sister that she was, she gave them to me at her cost & also found some other pieces that matched which she gave me for free. I will never part with these canisters because everyday that I use them, I'm reminded of my wonderful relationship with Karen & it brings a little tear to my eyes.

Lastly, this set of glasses is another item that sits on my countertops & they hold some very fond memories. When I was just a little girl, everytime I would go visit my grandma & grandpa, they would give me a drink in these glasses. They had several other glasses in their home, but I always had to have my drink in one of these. When they both passed away, my Mom had to have an auction to sell some of their things & the one & only thing that I asked her for were these glasses. Although I don't use them now, they bring back some wonderful childhood memories when I see them on my countertops.

Thanks Sophia for doing this challenge & letting me share some meaningful memories!

Have a great weekend......Jim is off work all weekend & on Monday, so we're hoping to get some things done around the house since they're predicting a snow's about time!



Trudi said...

Congratulations on getting published! That layout is SOOO cute!

I enjoyed looking at some of your favorite gifts.

I'll be back to visit again! :)

Cindy Lee said...

HUGE Congrats on your pub and all those cool goodies! I loved looking at your special items in your home - what great memories! love ya and hope you are doing great, Cindy Lee

Lorrie said...

Such sweet memories Benita. I can't imagine how hard it must've been to lose your sister and BIL. I can tell by your posts that i've been reading for so long that they were very special people.

Oh, and LUCKY YOU -getting all those goodies in the mail! Have fun with all that!