Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My NEW Favorite Store

After several unsuccessful attempts to go to the new Ikea store in Canton, Michigan, Jim & I finally made it there on Friday. And let me just say, it was definitely worth the wait! Now I know why everyone always raves about Ikea...this store is SO cool! I did get a little frustrated at first when we went to the second floor & almost got lost a few times.....that place can be confusing for a first-time shopper! But I finally found exactly what I was looking for......the Expedit bookcase, pictured below :)

Jim & I put it together on Sunday, not once, but twice! The only thing I didn't like about it was the directions.....all that came with it were pictures & you had to follow them very closely (like we didn't do, lol). We ended up putting the longer shelves vertically instead of horizontially, so we had to take the whole thing down & take off all 4 of the outer pieces, turn them all a quarter of a turn & put it back together. What a pain! But it was so worth it :) I LOVE this bookcase! I took down all of my Target Craft Cubes & put them in my closet so I could put the bookcase in their spot. I will probably rearrange it a half dozen times (or more) until I get everything just how I want it, but I couldn't wait to take pictures of it :) All of my paper is inside the Cropper Hopper Paper Holders & yes, they do bow a little bit laying on their backs, but they do fit & I'm really not too worried about them getting ruined. I had to buy some more paper holders to make everything even & now I have 32 of them.....now I just need to buy more paper to fill them up the rest of the way ;)

Here is a close-up of some of the shelves. I also bought the metal tin sets from Ikea along with the plastic boxes on the bottom of the bookcase. I was originally going to put those in the 4 corner cubes, but decided to put them along the bottom instead, so now I need to go buy another one (good reason to make a trip back to Ikea, huh? :).

Jim & I really had a good time while we were there.....so much so that we ended up spending 4 1/2 hours in the store! Jim fell in love with their Swedish Meatballs so we had to buy some to bring home. I don't think I'll actually buy much of their furniture as a lot of it just isn't my style, but I love their organizational items & a lot of their other stuff. I just wish the store wasn't over an hour away from me. But then again, it might be a bad thing if it was any closer ;)

Found some more challenges on 2 different boards & you know I can't pass up a good challenge, so here they are:

Ten For Tuesday - List 10 things that people do that annoy you:
1. Talking on their cell phone while driving! BIG pet peeve of mine!
2. Driving slow in the fast lane & not moving over for people to pass you.
3. Driving with your foot on the break all the time.
4. Drunk Drivers!
5. Talking or really loud laughing in a movie theater. That just happened to us when we went to see Click.....this one lady pretty much ruined the whole movie with her annoying laugh!
6. People that move to our country, but don't learn our language or don't speak it in public! Do you ever feel like they're talking about you???
7. People that always have to "outdo" you. Example: I have this one 'friend' & everytime I tell her something, she's either done that, been there or has that same thing! Drives me nuts!
8. People that lie!
9. People that butt in line ahead of you (at stores, restaurants, etc.).
10. Chewing gum loudly.

Another challenge was to list the ABC's of you:
A ~ Affectionate, Authentic
B ~ Bright, Bratty :)
C ~ Caring, Compassionate
D ~ Devoted, Dreamer
E ~ Emotional
F ~ Fun, Faithful, Friendly
G ~ Grandma, Generous, Giving
H ~ Happy (most of the time), Honest
I ~ Imaginative, Intuitive
J ~ Jim's Wife
K ~ Kindhearted, Kasey Kahne Fan :)
L ~ Lovable, Loyal, Lazy ;)
M ~ Married, Mom, Mushy
N ~ Nice, Nascar Nut!
O ~ Optimist
P ~ Perfectionist, Prima Collector
Q ~ Quirky, Quick learner
R ~ Reliable, Responsible, Reasonable, Romantic
S ~ Scrapbooker, Sensitive, Scared of thunderstorms!
T ~ Tall, Trustworthy
U ~ Unique, Unselfish
V ~ Virgo
W ~ Wholehearted
X ~ Xyron lover (only X I can think of :)
Y ~ Young at heart
Z ~ Zestful

Tomorrow (or should I say today since it's after midnight & I'm wide awake right now because it's storming outside again!) is Cassie's 16th birthday! Wow, I'm definitely getting old! I picked her & Emma up on Saturday & now Emma is here again for another week. They want to go to the mall tomorrow & then we'll be taking them to Cassie's favorite restaurant tomorrow night for her birthday. I was going to order her a cake, but she kept telling me that she didn't want one this year. How can you turn 16 without a cake??? It's gonna be kind of sad not to have any cake pictures to take :( I may try to pick one up for her while she's at the mall anyway. IF she let's me take any pictures of her, I'll post them here the next time I update my blog.

It's late & I need to try to get some sleep since I haven't been sleeping very good at all since the storm last week.

Until next time.....stay cool & safe,


melissa said...

Ikea rocks!! I love all their organizational stuff :) I am so jealous of your bookcase-love the look of it.

and happy b-day to your DD! and you must make her blow out candles even if you put it on a cupcake ;) lol

laura O'Donnell said...

Benita, I have these cubes and I love them! Yours look great!

Vee said...

i love IKEA
your shelf looks awesome
i have the 8cubed on from there and love it!
perfect for housing scrappin' items and o so pretty!

Emily said...

Ikea rocks, glad you guys finally made it there! Your shelf looks great!

Adrienne said...

I love IKEA TOO!! There is one ONLY three hours away from me! LOL

Kim said...

Love the shelves!!!! They look great. Happy Birthday Cassie! My Liz turns 16 next month!!!

Susan said...

Yep, Ikea can be intimidating. I work about 2 blocks away from one so I get to go quite often.
I have that shelf too and your right, you do have to follow all of their instructions VERY closely...My husband thinks I go a little overboard with it, but I've never had to take anything apart yet so I guess being so anal pays off.
Love all your container finds

Toni said...

Yup...IKEA is da BOMB!

Sherri said...

LOVE the storage! Whoo hoo IKEA!!

Kerry said...

Happy 16th Birthday to Cassie :) My oldest dd turned 15 today :) That makes 6 people I know of that share the same b'day lol
Hope she had an awesome day.

Denise said...

That shelf unit is a dream! Looks great - all your stuff so neat and organized! Happy scrapping!

Lorrie said...

Benita, your Ikea shelving looks FAB! I love the way you organized. You RAWK girl! I'm totally green with envy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.

Wife2TJ said...

Love your new shelf!!!