Friday, March 20, 2009

1st Day Of Spring :)

No, my Lilacs aren't blooming yet, but I can't wait until they do so I just had to post a picture of them in hopes that it'll speed them up, lol! I am SO ready for Spring.....for flowers to bloom.....for warmer weather.....for sunnier days! What about you? Bring it on, Spring! Bring it on!

I received a phone call from the Rheumatologist on Wednesday that they had a cancellation for that day at 2:00 p.m., so I took it. After they took all my information, they took me back into a room, checked my weight, blood pressure & pulse, then I proceeded to sit there for over an hour until the doctor finally came in to see me. ARGH! I was not a happy camper at all since I had to be at bowling at 4:00 p.m. When she finally came into the room, she asked me all sorts of questions & then examined me. She then looked at the 2 MRI results that I had done back in November & December & she doesn't think I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, but possibly Osteoarthritis. She's running more blood tests.....13 in all, to hopefully pinpoint the exact problem. She also wants to see me back in 2 weeks or sooner if this flares up again. By the time I got out of the office, bowling had already started, but luckily, we were bowling against a very patient team that are also good friends & they let me catch up :)

Speaking of bowling, we had elections this week to vote for the new officers for next year & I got elected to be Treasurer :) The guy that did it this year doesn't want to do it again, so I was nominated & won. It's a big responsibility, handling all of the league payments & dealing with people when they get behind, but I've done it before (years ago on another league), so I know I can handle it.

That's all for now.....gotta do some cleaning & then work this afternoon.

Have a wonderful Spring-filled weekend :)


Lida said...

Sorry that the visit to the Rheumatologist wasnt so productive, but hopefully you are on your wife to be completely pain free. Happy Spring and good luck with your new position on the bowling team!

Denise said...

I have had to wait for a long time at my rheumatologist's office many times. Then they wonder why my blood pressure is up. DUH!!

I almost got jealous when I saw the picture of the lilacs. Then I remembered you're in MI, so I knew they weren't from now!! I love them, too.

Have a great day, Denise

Sue said...

I almost had a fit when I saw your lilacs. I can't wait for them to bloom. It means that spring is truly here! I'm hoping you don't have any more flare ups before you get some answers!

Aimeslee said...

Hey hun. Thanks for the update. I know that Osteo is quite a handful but I'm frankly glad for you if you do NOT have RA. Keeping my fingers painfully crossed that it indeed turns out that way. {hugs}

Linda said...

I'm hoping these tests will give you some answers. And I'm glad that you were able to catch up with bowling.

Darcey said...

I am glad to hear that your doctor is doing the necessary tests. I hope you are able to get back to normal soon. Congrats on the new bowling job! Have a good week.