Monday, December 08, 2008

My Angel Tree

Every year since losing Karen & Jimmy, I put up my "Angel Tree". And each year, I try to find another special ornament to add to it. I haven't even had the chance to go out & look for a new one yet this year, but then last night, Jim & my dd surprised me with this one......sparkly feather angel wings. They went shopping & had to stop at Meijer to pick up a few things & found this there. They said it was the last one, so they knew they had to get it for my tree. Well, needless to say, I lost it when they gave it to me! I couldn't hold back the tears!
It is now one of my new favorite ornaments!
And this one, above, is another favorite of mine. I bought it on ebay from a guy that made them & had one made for all of my sisters & my Mom & Dad as well. It's hard to get a good picture of it, but the glass is engraved with:
In Loving Memory Forever
Karen & Jimmy Lucas
On Eagle's Wings
August 29, 2004
This is one ornament that never gets put away. After I take down my angel tree, I hang this ornament on my bookcase cabinet door so I can see it all year long.
Here's my angel tree with blue & white lights, taken before I got all the ornaments on it. This is actually a different tree from last years green one I had. I found this one at Hobby Lobby after Christmas last year for $12.00! I just love the vintagey (is that a word?) look of it :) It reminds me of the silver Christmas tree that my Mom used to have (and I wish I had now, but it got destroyed in a flood several years ago!).

I called the Orthopedic Surgeon this morning to make my appointment, but he doesn't have anything available until the 29th, 3 weeks away! I just hope that I can put up with the pain for that long! The lady told me to call on Wednesday afternoons to see if they get any cancellations between now & then, so keep your fingers crossed for me that they do. The good thing is, after talking to several friends, this doctor comes very highly recommended, so that eases my mind quite a bit!

Well, now I gotta go finish decorating our other tree. We're doing it in gold & silver this year & so far, it's turning out really nice :)

Have a happy Monday,


emily said...

What a beautiful way to remember those you have lost. It is really beautiful...

toners said...

Absolutely gorgeous. What a special way to remember your sister and brother-in-law. ((hugs))

hpoormon said...

Benita, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your memory tree. I have GOT to do one in memory of my Mom. I have done so many things in memory of her but never a tree at Christmas. Thanks for sharing this great idea. I have evn planted a tree out side and a planted tree inside in memory and never thought about a Christmas memory tree.
I hope you can get in to see your doctor soon. Make sure and post a picture of your other tree.

Colleen said...

Wow! Love the new ornament and the engraved one as well! Great tree!

Linda said...

I love your tree, especially that it is silver. I'm hoping you get a cancellation at the drs too.

Shirley Fyfe said...

I do so love your Angel Tree Benita - the two colours I decorate our tree with too!

Darcey said...

Your tree & ornaments are beautiful. I good way to remember your sister. I am glad to hear that your shoulder is fixable and that the doctor is so well spoken of.

Janet said...

It's such a beautiful tree, and what a lovely tribute. Thank you for sharing.

muirwoodsue said...

What a wonderful idea - a memory tree. The angel wings are just beautiful!
The cortisone shot does hurt, but it really does help and is worth it.
Take care of yourself Benita!

Lorrie said...

oooh, i love the angel tree, and the whole idea behind it is beautiful! I'm hoping and praying for a cancellation so you can get in to see the dr sooner.

Lily said...

what a wonderful sentiment. You have mea ll teary eyed