Sunday, February 10, 2008

Winter Blast, Detroit

(click on each image for a better view)
Today, Jim & Cassie braved the frigid cold weather to go to downtown Detroit to see the Ice Sculptures. I, on the other hand, went shopping :) He did manage to get some really good pictures of the sculptures (although they would have been better if I had taken them, lol). The temp only reached 5 degrees today, but that doesn't count what it felt like with the wind chill. I personally think they were nuts for going down there! I'm freezing just looking at these pictures! Right now, it's -1 outside, so I think I'll make this post short & sweet so I can go curl up into my nice warm flannel sheets :)
The sculpture above is the Detroit Red Wings logo.....Hockeytown, USA baby!
Detroit Pistons.
This one's for Emily.....the Detroit Tigers :) Hopefully they'll go all the way this year!
This is Jim's favorite......the Detroit Lions.....I'm still trying to figure out why he likes them so much, lol.
The "Thinker".....Jim can't remember exactly what he's called, so that's what he called him, lol.
MGM Grand Casino Lion.
Slot Machines.
Roulette (did I spell that right?) Wheel
Chrysler Steering Wheel.
Chrysler Logo.
Spirit of the D? Emily, maybe you can tell me for sure what this one is?
Hard Rock Cafe.

Each sculpture even had lights behind them, so I bet they were really neat to see at night, although I'm not about to drive down there to find out!
Tomorrow, I have to call the dealership to see if they can check the tires on my Charger. On the way home from shopping, the tire low pressure light came on & I checked them all & they seem fine. We put nitrogen in our tires when we first bought the car as it's supposed to be better for the tires, so it's not like I can just go to a gas station to put air in them. I'm just hoping that it's just from the cold weather we had today......anyone know if the cold can affect your tire pressure? I did hit a big pothole today, so I hope that didn't mess anything up as the steering felt really tight today, too. I swear, there seems to be new potholes in the roads showing up everyday now & it'll be months before they fix them!
I didn't get a chance to paint my wire tray from Target yet since I'll have to do it in the garage & it was just too cold this weekend to attempt it. So I guess it's staying green for a while. I did put my Queen & Co felt ribbons on the bottom, my Bazzill Blossoms on the middle & my 2 lonely 7 Gypsies stamps on the top tier. I'm still not sure if that's what I'll use it for or not, but it just looked so empty that I had to put something in it :)
The other day, I was tagged by Darcey.....yeah, I'm a little behind :)
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L - Loyal
Y - Young at heart ;)
N - least I hope people know I am :)
N - Naughty :) Hey, it's late & I'm tired, lol.
I'll tag: Lorrie, Emily, Jewls & Staci :)
Well, I hear my flannel sheets & down comforter calling my name :)
Off to get warm,
Edited to add: I have no clue why everything is running together in this post.....for some reason, blogger won't let me space between paragraphs :(


StudioL6 said...

Love the detailing on those sculptures. Thanks for posting those photos!

dynamomomof2 said...

the photos are gorgeous - tfs

:: gingerkitty :: said...

wow looks super cold. Nice that they can have something like that on display outside.

SenomesDesigns said...

Awesome pictures Benita!!

The tire pressure could be weird because of the cold, not sure how Nitrogen reacts in the extreme cold weather we're having.

Thanks for tagging me! HAHA This is when I HATE having a long middle name - I'll post my answers on my blog shortly.


Sherry Wright said...

What beautiful sculptures! I was looking at your scraproom and saw you were in MI, me too but "up north". Just wanted to say I love your organization methods and your dh is a gem for all his little ideas to help. And finally someone who has as much or more stuff than me. :0)

Linda said...

Looks so cold, beautiful photos though.

Sherry said...

What beautiful sculptures. Michigan is such a great place in the winter!!

Sarah C. said...

Those sculptures are gorgeous! But, BRRRR sounds and looks so cold. I think I might have chosen to go shopping instead too. ;)

toners said...

Oh Benita, those are beautiful! Thank you for showing us all!

Emily said...

Yes, that looks like the Spirit of Detroit!

Sue said...

you were right on the's the SOD and the Thinker! We were planning on going yesterday too but it was too dang cold!!!
My low tire light is on constantly this time of year. It's the weather.

Lesli said...

Wow great sculptures - amazing work - TFS!

Kip said...

I love the ice sculptures but it sounds a little cold for me!