Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Lunar Eclipse Of The Heart"

Okay, so the song is actually called Total Eclipse Of The Heart, but I thought this title fit better :) We had a Lunar Eclipse tonight & I tried my hardest to get some good pictures of it, but for some reason, my zoon lens didn't want to cooperate with me :( I have no clue just wouldn't let me zoom in on the moon without making it all blurry. I don't think it got dropped or anything....Jim said he didn't even use it when he went to the Winter Blast in Detroit, but I'm wondering if the cold temperatures may have messed something up. Any good camera experts out there that would know?
Anyway, here are 2 of the shots that I was able to capture tonight. I didn't stay outside long through because it's FREEZING out there!

Tonight at bowling, I thought I was finally going to shot a 600 series for the first time this season. I started out with a 190 game, then a 232 for my second game & well, let's just say, I blew it :( I don't even want to tell you what my third game was, but I ended up with a 544 series, so you do the math. I was so depressed afterwards.....bowling can be such a mental game if you let it & well, that's exactly what I did! I'm going to start getting some lessons hopefully in a few weeks to try to figure out what I'm doing wrong this season. Last year, my average was 175.....this year, I'm barely holding onto a 169! Talk about depressing!

But on a more positive note, our team is in first place & has been for the past 3 weeks now :) We only have 6 weeks left of this league, so I'm hoping we can stay up there & possibly even win the league.....that would be awesome since this is our first year on this league!

Well, I'm off to bed.....I have a busy day ahead of me as I'm going to go get a perm tomorrow. I like the new haircut I got, but it's been such a pain to style & takes even longer than it did with a perm! So, back to curly hair I go :)
Til next time,


Kim said...

Great shots of the moon. I was singing that song while we were watching the eclipse and my kids thought I was nuts :)

sarah said...

what a great shot. Found your blog afer someone posted the link to the 2Peas photos of your scrap room. They are surely the most envied pics by any crafter on the planet!

Sarah C. said...

Great pics! My DH & I went out a little after 10 to take a peak. I didn't even try to photograph it. The clouds were moving through pretty good and there's too much city light. But it was fun to see. :)

WTG on the bowling! I can't bowl worth a hoot. More gutter balls than anything else. LOL

toners said...

Wow! Great photos :) Unfortunately we had total cloud cover here and didn't see anything! Bummer!

Great job with the bowling!

Anonymous said...

I tried to get some as well, and with mine, they actually look like its moving. I have multiple pictures of it, with 2 to 3 moons in it. Dont know why, strange

Maureen said...

you got a few great shots.

Shirley Fyfe said...

Great photos!

Staci Compher said...

love the you need to post pics of your new "do"....Am planning on croppin' at the zone know you need to come shoppin' and say hi!!!