Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Helpful Husband & Lots Of Thanks

First off, I'd just like to say Thank-you to everyone that reads my blog & has kept my Mom in their prayers. She didn't have to have the gallbladder surgery (yet), so they discharged her from the hospital & she's now back at the nursing home. As of right now, the surgery has been put on 'stand-by', but we still don't know for sure why. I guess she's still not strong enough to have the surgery. So right now, we're just waiting to see what happens, taking one day at a time.
Also, thank-you as well for all the compliments on my scraproom.....I never expected to get this many compliments on it! I don't see it as a fabulous room like some others I have seen out there, but I'm happy with it :) I would love to put cabinets up on the walls, but since we're renting, that's just not possible, so shelving was the way to go for me. And besides, I like having everything out in the open (especially my Primas :) ) because that way, I can find what I need & it also looks so pretty :)
The 2 pictures above are of my wonderful dh helping me finish the 15 mini albums that I made. He was trying to put rhinestones on the Primas for me, but we found out that his fingers are just too big to work with something so small. Gotta love a man for trying to help, though :) He did help me with sanding all the edges of the pages & I also taught him how to use a Xyron. I may just make a scrapbooker out of him yet ;)
On his way home from work yesterday, he stopped & picked me up this beautiful bouquet of flowers. He said they were because he was so proud of me for doing these mini albums & he thought I needed a pick-me-up since they took longer to do than I expected them to. Plus, he said it's his early birthday gift to me as his birthday is this Friday :) Damn, I love that man!!!

That's all for now.....have to get ready for bowling soon. I promise I won't wait this long to update again. Plus I'll have something new to update idea that my dh came up with for my scraproom :)


Sue said...

awww, how sweet!

Emily said...

I'd love to have pictures of John trying to put rhinestones on prima flowers! Too cute!

Staci Compher said...

Benita...looks like you've got a great Scrubby!! helps with scrapbooking and then brings home flowers...what more can you ask for in a man....!!!

Alex said...

Oh that is just so sweet, you definitely have a man for keeps, bless him

I am so glad I found you blog, I am loving going through all yours posts xx