Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Babe!

Today, this wonderful, generous, handsome, loving man of mine is turning 43. Yeah, yeah, so he's still younger than me & he reminds me of that fact all the time, lol. But I just remind him that he's got more gray hair than I do & that usually shuts him up ;) Happy Birthday, ya!!!
Cindy surprised us with one of her fabulous chocolate cakes for his birthday. She dropped it by this evening & I couldn't wait to cut into it :) YUM!!!
Now, onto the wonderful idea that my dh came up with for my scraproom. He knows that while I loved the idea of my Clip-It-Up, I hated how much space it took up on my was just too big & bulky for me. So, he thought why not make a clip-it-up underneath my shelves & that's exactly what he did. He drilled holes into 6 of my shelf brackets & then we purchased a metal rod (the same diameter as the Clip-It-Up circle rods) & ran it through the holes in the brackets. I hope you can get the's some pictures of the finished product (click on each image to enlarge):
My alphabets.....can you tell I like American Crafts Thickers? :)
Embellishments, etc. Yep, I think I'm going to like this MUCH better!
I finally finished making the 15 memorial mini albums (shown above) that I was asked to make for a school for children that all suffer from life-threatening illnesses. It seems that sadly, they lose a few children each year & they wanted me to make these albums so that when one of them passes away, the teachers will add photos of the child & give the albums to the parents. I was truly honored to do these albums, even with as hard as it was to do them knowing why I was doing them!

Today's 2 Peas question was: What are you scrapping plans for the weekend? As much as I would love to try to get some scrapping done this weekend, I think I might just take a break for a few days & finish cleaning up the rest of my room after doing those mini albums & rearranging my clip-it-up. I also might do some scrapbook shopping as it's been a while.
Tonight, we'll be going out to dinner for Jim's birthday to his favorite restaurant, Kalloway's & then maybe go to a movie afterwards.

Have a great weekend :) Benita


Sarah C. said...

Your DH rocks! That clip it up under the shelf is wonderful. :) Your goodies look so nice & organized. Beautiful albums - those must have been difficult to make but I'm sure the parents will treasure them.

Happy Friday! And b'day to your special guy! :)

Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Jim. He's so clever.

Those albums are beautiful. That really is nice idea. I am sure those parents will love an appreciate them.

Have a great weekend. I'm planning (okay, hoping) to tackle my scrapbook room this weekend. Can you come over and help??

Heather Bares said...

wow! I love your things are organized!

Darcey said...

Awesome space!! I love the clip it up idea!

Heather said...

How clever is he? I like that much better than any clip it up! Your room is so neat and organize and beautiful!

KarenSue said...

add me to the list of love the clip it up...what a great idea.

and the albums are beautiful,
what a gift..

toners said...

Awesome idea - what a great hubby!! :) I just caught up reading about your mom, I hope everything turns out OK.

Miss M! said...

Your husband is a genius. WOW.

SenomesDesigns said...

Jim, Happy Birthday my friend! (from both Dave and I!)

Benita, those albums are beautiful!! I am so proud of you for doing those!

Not sure what I'm doing scrapbook wise this weekend, maybe more explosion boxes (had one sell on eBay today - I'm STOKED!)

Talk to you soon!

Darleen said...

Holy Cow Girl!! What a scrap space and what a hubby!! So, when we croppin? Be there around noonish??? LOL! enjoy!!

Staci Compher said... what you did with the shelf...I am so going to do that...and those albums are're so awesome to do something like that.....

Kip said...

The Clip it under the shelves was a fantastic idea!!

Lorrie said...

Benita, I have come to the realization that coming to your blog is causing me to sin.
I am coveting my neighbors scrap supplies.
I'm quite certain that there has to be SOMETHING in the Bible about coveting anothers scrap room and MASSIVE SUPPY that makes a scrap store envy it.
PLEASE can i come play in your room.
That clip is up was a fabulous idea!!! I love it.
And yes, I'm green with envy, and coveting your stuff..
now, I must go repent.
Thanks!!! lol!! =)

Sharyn said...

pssst....Hey girlfriend...I need you to email me. :)

and yeah...I can tell you like the American Crafts Thickers! LOL Me Too!

Lorrie said...

Benita, I totally forgot to tell hubby Happy Birthday!!!! oops!

Michelle said...


Love the "clip it up" idea under the shelves. I have been wondering what to do with that wasted space, and you - and your hubby - have solved my problem. Do you have any what the actual diameter of the rod is? ANd, did you use one long one and slide it all the way thru the brackets, or did you use individual rods? Thanks much!!

Melissa said...

Okay happy birthday to your hubby- that man is an absolute genious and what a sweetheart!

evafromca said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby and what a clever man you have there. Your room is totally amazing!!! Loving it big time!!!