Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sometimes I Am SO Stupid!

Yesterday, Cassie received her "Citizen Citation" from the Sheriff's Office during their National Peace Officers Memorial Day. When we arrived there, we couldn't believe how crowded it was, so Cassie got nervous (although she'd never admit that she was). She didn't want to go into the auditorium & wanted to leave to go back to school, if you can believe that, lol. But we talked her into staying & told her that we would leave right after she received her award. When they called her name, Jim went up with her to get her award & I snapped pictures......or at least I thought I did! Dummy me forgot to put my memory card back in my camera! I wanted to cry, which is exactly what I did :( Luckily, there were other photographers there & I'm hoping that I can find out who they were & how I can go about getting some pictures from them. Wish me luck!
I know said I would post about why she received this award, but since the case isn't closed yet & it still has to go to trial, I decided to wait to post about it. Sorry, but I promise I will share the story once everything is over.

Tuesday night, as Jim was driving home from his bowling banquet, he called me to tell me that the local Coney Island (Country Coney) was on fire. He said he could see smoke just pouring from the roof & there were 6 firetrucks there. When he got home, we decided to go down & get some pictures, but they already had the fire under control. I did still manage to get a few pics & I like the one above the best because you can see the fireman still spraying water in the roof. Apparently, they were repairing some natural gas pipes inside the restaurant & when they relit the water heater, it started the fire. Although we never ate at this Coney before because it's only open for breakfast & lunch, we heard it was a really nice place & kind of like a landmark for our town.

I just saw this MeMe posted by Sophia on 2 Peas & decided to play along:


Two Names I Go by: Benita & Benny, what my grandmother always called me.

Two Things I am Wearing Right Now: my bathrobe & jewelry.

Two Things I Want (or have) in a Relationship: Lots of Love & Respect!

Two of My Favorite Things to do: Scrapbook & Bowl.

Two Things I Want Very Badly At The Moment: a new bed (not a mattress.....the actual bed (headboard & footboard)) & more scrapbooking stuff, which I'll be buying today :)

Two pets I have: Onyx & Reeses, both mutts rescued from shelters.

Two things I did last night: Had an eye exam (finally!) & caught up on some of our TiVoed shows.

Two things I ate today: Nothing yet, but I'll be eating breakfast soon & then I'll probably have some Ice Cream while I'm at the Great Lakes Mega Meet today :)

Two people I just talked to last: My hubby & my daughter.

Two Things I'm doing tomorrow: If tomorrow is supposed to be considered today, I'll be going to the Mega Meet today & shopping like crazy!!! But if tomorrow is supposed to be Friday, then I'll be working at the Zone & probably putting away all the stuff I buy today at the Mega Meet.

Two longest car rides: Virginia to Florida for vacation, Virginia to Michigan when we moved in 1997.

Two Favorite Holidays: Christmas & Labor Day because it's close to my birthday :)

Two favorite beverages: Water & Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Milkshakes from Steak & Shake.

Enjoy your day,



Maureen said...

Aw, that sucks about the memory card...

Sounds like something I need installed in my head somedays: my very OWN memory card so I don't forget things!!!

Hope you find someone with some pics for you.

Colleen said...

I wanted to cry for you when I read about the memory card! I hope you can get some pictures!

Fun facts with the "two" trivia! I might have to try that one!

Lynn said...

Congrat's to Cassie. Sorry to hear about the memory card. We've all done it at least once. Still kicking myself.
Loved reading your MeMe. Have fun at the Mega Meet.

Sue said...

I like your two list!
sorry to hear about the memory card. Maybe you can re-enact it!

BonnieRose said...

loved reading all about your TWOS... i did mine too today!

Jewels by Jewls said...

Awww Benita, I'm sorry about the memory card! How awesome for Cassie receiving the award. I can't wait to hear what she got it for!

I can't believe that about the Coney! What a bummer!

Will probably see you at the Zone today...we're off to the Mega Meet shortly.


EquineSpirit said...

Great post!!