Wednesday, May 23, 2007

All About Flowers

Monday, I made a trip to Hobby Lobby since they had all scrapbook paper on sale for 50% off. I don't get there very often since it's about an hour one way, so when I do go, I stock up.....majorly stock up! People have been posting on 2 Peas saying that HL has all the newest Basic Grey in stock along with Bazzill Bling packs & edged cardstock & yep, they were right! I bought 3 packs of Basic Grey, 3 packs of Bling & 3 packs of the edged cardstock all for 1/2 price :) I also got some American Crafts albums (also 50% off), but now I'm not so sure that I'm going to keep them because I really don't need anymore albums......heck, I can't finish the ones I do have! While I was there, I also stocked up on rhinestones since they were 50%, too....gotta love Bling ;)
When I got home, I picked up Cindy & the 2 of us went to WoJo's (a local greenhouse) to buy some plants. I spent another small fortune there, but got 2 new Lilacs along with a lot of annuals for my window boxes & planters & 2 hanging baskets (one of them is pictured above). I just love the purple & yellow combination!

Here's a picture of my window boxes. Jim & I just installed these last year & I just love them! They're so fun to change out each year. This year, I went with mostly pinks in them. You can also see my Hydragneas coming up underneath the windows.....I'm so glad that they made it through the winter!

Here's a close-up of one of the window boxes. They'll take a while to fill in, but once they do, they're going to be gorgeous! I found these really cool daisy-like flowers that are yellow with purple centers that I put in my planters on my porch, but forgot to take a picture of them. Once they fill in a little, I'll snap some pics & post them.

Cindy found these dwarf Tinkerbell Lilacs & she said she used to have one, but it died on her. Since I love Lilacs so much, I just had to buy one & this is the first pink Lilac I've seen. We planted it on the side of our garage.....hopefully, it'll do good there. Once it blooms, I'll take some more pictures of it.

Speaking of Lilacs, mine are blooming like crazy this year! I have 6 of them in a row in my back yard along with 2 around the deck, one behind the garage, one in the side yard & now the new pink one & a dark purple one that I still have to figure out where to plant. Can you tell I love Lilacs? :) The one in the front is the smallest because we planted it a year after the other ones, but hopefully, it'll catch up.

I usually don't wait this long to do gardening, but with the wacky weather we've been having (80 degrees one day, 60's the next), I've really had no choice this year. Plus work at the Zone has been so busy between CKU, the Birthday Sale & the Mega Meet. Don't get me wrong.....I liked it when it was really made the day just fly by! And while it's nice to have a little bit of a breather now, I kinda miss the craziness & busy days. Yep, I still love my job just as much as the day I started :)

I'm off work today, so I made a doctor's appointment & hopefully, he'll be able to find out why my stomach has been giving me so many problems lately. I won't bore you with the gruesome details, but for the past couple of weeks, I just haven't been feeling up to par. Say a prayer that it's nothing too serious.

Have a happy hump day,



Janelle said...

Oh, how I miss Hobby Lobby and lilacs! We don't have either one down here in Virginia.

Your flowers look just gorgeous! And I love the windowboxes--I need to get my DH cracking on making me some!

Maureen said...

Love the flower boxes and your lilacs....beautiful!

Best of luck at the doc's....

Sue said...

cute window boxes!
You have far too much energy.
Wanna help dig a hole in my yard?

Evelyn said...

I love your flowers, the lilacs are wonderful. I am most envious of your window boxes. I have no window sills, so I can't put up boxes. :(

Lorrie said...

first off, We don't have a HL anywhere around me. Bummer. Secondly -- your flowers are gorgeous. I DO NOT have a green thumb-- and i'm afraid of dirt. Well, bugs really, and bugs and dirt go hand in hand. Ewwww..
Hope you find out what's wrong with your tummy, and I'll be praying that it's nothing serious. Hugs to you!!

Stacy said...

I am officially naming you my enabler...I went online and found a HL 45 min. from me & went there today. TWELVE paper packs I am! Holy COW, what a DEAL! :-) Thanks for the heads up! Oh, and the lilacs are BEAUTIFUL!! I am so jealous - we're still landscaping; this is only our second summer since we built the house. Lilacs are next! :-)