Sunday, April 23, 2006

NOT A Good Day! :(

Today, Jim went golfing with a friend & on the way home, this is what happened :( He went to a Sunoco station to pick up a newspaper for me & as he was pulling out, a lady hit him right in the side. A truck was turning into the station & Jim saw that the traffic was clear & the lady that was behind the truck, decided to come around it instead of waiting for him to turn & nailed Jim's Jeep. The police officer gave Jim a ticket because he said that he had to issue one to someone, so he picked Jim! ARGH! What kind of crap is that??? But yep, we'll be fighting the ticket in court! Wish us luck cause it looks like we're going to need lots of it right now!

We won't find out until Tuesday whether or not the Jeep can be repaired. If they end up totalling it, I know that whatever they pay won't pay off the Jeep as we still owe too much on it :(

We're going to need lots & lots of prayers right now! Jim will be calling a lawyer tomorrow to see where we go from here. The lady that hit him told the witness that she was running late for work & the speed limit on this road is 40 mph, but from the looks of this damage, I would say she was going a LOT faster than that!

Both of the airbags in the Jeep deployed, which we thought was pretty strange. Why would the passenger side airbag go off if she hit him on the driver's side? Maybe more proof that she was going too fast?

Here is her car. I'm just thankful that no one was hurt in the accident! Jim's new glasses that he just got last week were bent from the airbag going off, but it could have been a LOT worse!

Thank-you God for watching over my husband!

Till I have more news,


Cindy Lee said...

OH MY! I'm so sorry Jim had to go through that and SO thankful that nobody was hurt! Bless his heart!

I'm blogging again, so come see me sometime!

Wife2TJ said...

You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. SO glad no one was hurt. That was crap about the ticket. I would fight it in court and show them pictures of both the vehicles and the accident site. Just seems wierd they would give him the ticket. Hope he gets it taken off and that the jeep gets taken care of. I know how stressful accidents can be for everyone. Let us know what happens. good luck! I'll be praying for you guys.

ti said...

oh! i'm glad no one was seriously hurt!
i'm going through the same thing now... i was hit from behind while stopped and she was doing 50mph? Kinda makes you think what the halibut?
best advice let the lawyer handle it and you should soooo fight that ticket!
sending prayers!

sophiacorbridge said...

Oh my gosh, Benita! I'm so glad that he wasn't hurt! Bent glasses and a new car are a drop in the bucket when you think of what could have happened! I hope that things are resolved to your benefit. Again, I'm so glad that he wasn't hurt! Hang in there!


Adrienne said...

OH MY!!!!!!!!! Thank Goodness no one was hurt!

Jewels by Jewls said...

YIKES!! Benita! that definitely looks faster then 40 mph! was that on 24? People NEVER do the speed limit there!

Glad he's ok and that you'll get the Jeep paid off by the insurance company! Can't believe he gave Jim the ticket! Unreal!