Friday, April 07, 2006

"For Better Or Worse"

Sophia posted a challenge on 2 Peas to write about our husbands/spouses & here is a layout I did of mine......James, Jim, Jimmy, DH :) Jim & I met on February 18, 1989 & got married 10 months later on December 24, 1989 (yes, Christmas Eve.....and no, it's not a romantic day to get married on when you have to wait for Santa to arrive every year!) :)

God definitely brought Jim & I together. We met in Virginia Beach, Virginia & on the night we met, it was snowing & if you've ever been to Virginia when it's snowing, you know that everything literally closes down when they get even an inch of snow! :) Well, on this particular night, we ended up with a foot of snow! I was at a bar (yes, a bar) with some girlfriends just relaxing, dancing & drinking (I was actually drinking water at the time). In walked Jim & Brian.....the minute Jim walked by my table & winked at me was the minute I just knew he was the one! Some people may find that hard to believe, but it's true. And here we are, 17+ years later, still madly in love, best friends & partners.

When Jim & I met, we were complete opposites! He liked all sorts of sports, I hated all sports! He was outgoing, friendly & had a wonderful sense of humor. I was shy & laid back. He's confident, I'm insecure. He likes 4 seasons, I like one.....warm! He'll eat anything, I'm very picky! He likes scary movies, I like comedies & love stories. But you know what they say......opposites attract! And we're proof of that! Over the years, we've started sharing some of the same interests.....I now like some sports (Nascar, bowling & Pistons basketball) & he now likes comedies & supports my scrapbooking addiction :)

Don't get me wrong, Jim & I have definitely had our share of 'worse' during the past 17 years. Our marriage is FAR from perfect! But we're completely committed to making it through those bad times because we both know that we were meant to be together because God brought us together. And it's the 'better' times that definitely outweigh the 'worse' ones :) Just like this layout says, I love this man.....FOREVER!

Have a wonderful weekend with your spouse/SO/family :)



BonnieRose said...

such A BEAUTIFUL post.. thks for sharing.. makes me wanna do a blog post all about my love...

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...


Sophia C. said...

Love the layouts, love the sentiments! THanks for taking this challenge! I just read it to Doug and he laughed at your differences too! Have a great weekend!