Thursday, February 04, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today, February 4th, this wonderful man in my life, my Dad, turned 82 years young! I called him tonight to wish him a Happy Birthday & he said "gee thanks.....I don't wanna get older!" LOL Then he said he was only 28 instead of 82. Gotta love him & his sense of humor :)
These pictures were taken last August when I went home. He's being silly in this one.....and as you can see, we're both HUGE Kasey Kahne fans :)

Love ya Dad.....hope you have a wonderful birthday & many, many more to come!



Denise said...

How awesome is this...our dad's have the same birthday! Mine was 73 on the 4th!


Janet said...

What great pictures! Hope your dad had a super day.

Linda said...

Great photos of you and your dad. I really love how your window project turned out...beautiful!