Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

The only excuse I have for not blogging for so long is that I've been extremely busy. After losing my job at The Salvation Army store, I went back to work at the gym. I actually only work one 6 hour shift, Saturday mornings from 6:00 am til noon, but I'm also picking up shifts for other people as much as I can. Yep, I get up at 4:30 am every Saturday morning, drag my tired body into the shower, eat breakfast, blowdry my hair, attempt to put some make-up on to at least make it look like I'm awake enough since I took the time to put make-up on, lol, get dressed & go to work hours before the sun even thinks about rising. Yep, I'm officially nuts! But, believe it or not, we have some truly devoted (or nuts) members that come in every-single-Saturday-morning-at-6:00-AM!
In my spare time, hehe, I've been creating new classes for The Scrapbook Zone. The one shown here is called Gratitude Wall Decor & I'll be teaching this class on Thursday, November 5th.
Last night, I taught my Pink For A Purpose class & had an absolute blast! Although only 4 people signed up for the class (plus one of the ladies bought an extra kit for her friend), we had so much fun! And today, I got the sweetest email from one of the girls, telling me how much fun she had & that she will definitely be taking more of my classes :) Just the ego booster I needed ;)
I'll be super busy this weekend as well. As of right now, we'll be picking up our granddaughter on Friday & she'll be spending the weekend with us, going trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. I can't wait! She's going to be a Ballerina :) I'll be sure to take lots & lots of pics.

Have a great & safe Halloween,


Sarah C. said...

What a beautiful project! Happy to hear the Pink for a Purpose class went so well. Wish I was closer so I could come. :)

How exciting that your granddaughter will be there for Halloween. I know you'll have a great time! Enjoy!

Janet said...

What a pretty project! I love all the layers and textures! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying teaching. It's a lot of work, but also a TON of fun!

Enjoy trick or treating! Will be looking for those pics. :-)

Ryzmomplus2 said...

love the project, love the bling! And how sweet that email must have been! I love when someone takes the time to do that, you don't know how much it can lift a person up! Can't wait to see the Ballerina pics!

Sues said...

That is a beautiful project... you do wonderful work!