Monday, June 22, 2009

Yes, I DO Still Blog!

Even though it's been 20 days since my last blog post (but who's counting?), I do still blog.....honest. I've just had so much going on in between going to the Nascar race, going to a Tigers game, working, gardening & working out that I've badly neglected my blog.

The Nascar race was great.....the weather couldn't have been any better....perfect sunny skies & cool temps. When we found out that our neighbors were also going to the race, we decided to caravan down together. They had pit passes, so we figured we might as well go into the pits, too. And I'm so glad that I did as I was able to get 5 autographs on my shirt (the one I'm wearing above) from Kasey Kahne's pit crew :) Jim got it autographed by Kasey at work a year or so ago (on my booby, of all places, lol) so I knew I wanted to add his pit crew autographs to it.

Every year, our church takes a trip to a Tigers game & this past Saturday, we went to that. I was able to have my granddaughter for the weekend (again :) ), so we took her with us. We had an awesome time & the Tigers beat the Brewers 9-5! YAY!

I have LOTS more pictures, but don't have the time to post them all right now. I've been having some major issues with my computer lately & I'm half afraid it may be on it's last legs :( Plus I just had to replace my modem this just completely stopped working last night. So I'm praying that my computer isn't next cause we just can't afford a new one right now!

Well, I gotta start getting ready for work. Hope you have a wonderful week!



hpoormon said...

Wow, I was hoping everything was ok with you and hubby.Glad to hear you have been busy having tons of fun and making cool memories. Happy Summer!!

Denise said...

I've missed you, my blogging friend!! LOL

Sounds like you have been having a good time! You look great. Keep up the hard work.

Any news on a move to IN?


Emily said...

What a sweet picture of your granddaughter. I'm glad you are getting more time with her!

Janet said...

She's just adorable! Hope you had tons of fun!

Sarah C. said...

You've just been living life - no need to apologize for that. :) Enjoy!

The photo of your granddaughter is precious - she is so adorable. Hope all is ok with your computer. Ours is slowing down too and I'm doing all I can to keep it running until the fall. Want to get past maternity leave and know that I still have a job plus both Windows & Apple will be offering new operating systems. I'd love to return to a Mac if the money is there, but, if not, I definitely don't want Vista so I'm determined to hold out.

Sorry for the book! Hope you are having a good week. :)