Friday, May 29, 2009

I've Been A Bad Girl!

The past 8 days I've neglected myself....I didn't go to the gym at all during those 8 days. Bad Benita......BAD!!! But in my defense, I still managed to get some exercising in......lots & lots & LOTS of gardening, walks, etc. But I still feel bad. So I finally got my butt back in there on Thursday night & boy, it really made me realize how much I need the gym! And how much I missed it! I guess it's official.....I'm a gym rat :)
Over Memorial Day weekend, we made a trip (actually 2 trips) to Ikea for 2 more Expedit bookcases. They had an awesome sale on them ($49.00, regularly $89.99), so I couldn't pass that up, could I? Jim & I actually drove out there Friday night after I got off work & bought 2 of them at the regular price, then we took the receipts back on Sunday to get a price adjustment......sneaky, huh? :) At least we didn't have to wait in the extremely long line to get them! Little did I know that we would end up having to go back there anyway as one of them had some damaged boards that we needed to exchange.

I'm using one of them to store all of my pattern paper & cardstock.....I just hope it can take the weight! That paper is heavy! I weighed just one of my Cropper Hopper paper holders & it weighed 10 pounds! Yeowch! The other expedit I turned on it's side & I'm using it sorta like a sofa table in between the 2 windows in my scraproom......I really like it that way. And can you see what's on top of the one corner? This:
I finally found an old typewriter! Jim & I went to the Salvation Army store the other day & I couldn't believe it when I saw it, but then I saw the price.....$39.99. I really didn't want to pay that much for one, but I know they're hard to find. So I left it there & proceeded to the checkout with some other great finds (I forgot to post pics of them). While checking out, I noticed their sales were posted on a board & one of them was to pick one item of your choice for 50% off. guessed it.....back to get that typewriter! Woohoo! I got it for $20.00! And the best part works! Okay, so it needs a new ribbon to really work as the one that's in it is broken, but I may try to fix it. If not, does anyone know where you can buy ribbons for old typewriters? I checked some websites & from what I can tell, this one was made in 1951. I would loved to have an even older one, but I'm not gonna be picky :)

Well, I better get to bed as I have to work my new shift tomorrow from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Next time I blog, I'll post some pics of my flower beds & gardening that we've been doing.

Have a great weekend!


Sue said...

awesome typewriter! It looks perfectly at home :)

Kim said...

I have my mom's old typewriter too! It's sitting here on an old library card catalog from the old days! I love it! I'll have to send you a picture!

Sarah C. said...

Good deal on the Expedit bookcases! I was drooling when I saw that sale, but our nearest Ikea is 2.5hrs and I can't sit in the car that long anymore. Besides, the last thing I need to do is start reorganizing my scrap room. Really need to focus on finishing the nursery! :)

Janet said...

Wow, your shelves look GREAT! I would love to get some of them. I've never even been to Ikea! Great old typewriter. Hope you can find a ribbon!

Darcey said...

What a great sale! They look great!

Denise said...

I wish I would have kept my dad's old typewriter, when they moved to FL.

It's amazing how much paper weighs, isn't it? LOL