Friday, November 09, 2007

Very Sentimental Verses

Yesterday when Jim got home from work, he said that he heard on a radio station that Jon Kitna, the quarterback for the Detroit Lions (which, btw, are having an awesome season this year!), was going to be at Circuit City signing autographs. Unfortunately, I woke up yesterday with a very sore back, so I didn't jump at the chance to go to meet him. I'm hoping the back situation will be fixed now, though.....Jim & I took our Select Comfort bed apart last night & had to fix some things in it that had shifted around inside during the move. Don't ask me why we didn't do it 3 months ago!
Anyway, as we were sitting there eating dinner & watching the news, they were interviewing Kitna & he said he would be at Circuit City until 8:00p.m. So I told Jim to go ahead & see if he could get there in time, not knowing if there would be a long line or not. About half an hour later, he called me to tell me he got his autograph. YAY :) Jim & I have matching Detroit Lions suede jackets, so he had him sign them right on the back on the Lion (see above picture). Jim proceeded to tell me that Jon wrote a different Bible verse on each jacket, which I thought was really cool since he is a devout Christian. But talk about a verse that really fits me & not only me, but my blog as well :) Isaiah 40:31 which reads "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." I love it! The verse on the back of Jim's jacket is Jeremiah 33:3: "Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not." Yep, another verse that definitely fits!

Jim told me that they were also selling footballs for Jon to autograph & the proceeds were going to charity (Boys & Girls Club), so I told him to go ahead & buy one. The verse that he put on the football truly touched my heart with everything that Jim & I have been through lately. Joshua 1:9 which reads: "Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest." Yep, that's exactly the verse I needed to read right now!

Would you believe that I forgot to have Jim take my camera with him? Yep, me, the scrapbooker, forgetting all about having him get some photos of Jon! ARGH!!! But then when Jim called me, I asked him if he took any pictures & he said "with what?" Well, duh, you have a camera on your cellphone! Nope, no pictures! Sometimes I wonder if I truly am a scrapbooker :(

Cassie has been bugging us to go see Dane Cook as he's her favorite comedian, but when the tickets first went on sale, we couldn't afford them. But the other day, we received a surprise check in the mail, so I decided to look on Ticketmaster just to see what tickets were still available. Imagine my surprise when I saw that there were some floor tickets for sale. So I jumped in the car to go to Ticketmaster to purchase them & got 3 tickets, right on the floor, 5 rows back from the stage! Woohoo!!! Cassie is SUPER excited! And she knows that this is part of her Christmas early one since the show is the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Nothing much else is going on, except I bowled like crap this past week :( Jim, on the other hand, bowled really good....203, 218 & 254 for a 675 series. In the 3rd game, he had the first 8 strikes in a row, but then once again, blew it! Ah of these days he'll shot his 300. We did end up taking all 7 points this week & last, so we should move up. We were in 11th place after last week out of 22 teams. Oh, and I don't think I ever mentioned what our team name is.....I'm actually the one that came up with it, using the first letter of each of our names (Joe, Benita & Jim) for the name "Just Be Jealous" :) Cute, huh?

That's it for now. Got some stuff to do around the house before our card game tonight. Have a wonderful weekend :)



a.l. clark said...

This is really a fantastic story. I cannot wait to see the scrapbooking pages that come from it!

Debby said...

I forget all the time that I have a camara in my phone. LOL It sounds like an experience to scrap and journal about!

Staci Compher said...

Isaiah 40:31 which reads "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."

I feel that one....beautiful....